January 30, 2016

Disco’s Three
I played poorly, but still won three. I could have easily been 1-2. Oh, I’m in quiet mode again.

1:40 – Slitherbolt
Jademist Dancer, MPD, Slitherscale Elver
win vs. Brightpaw, Leopard Tree Frog, Fragment Of Anger

I made a mistake by attempting to take out the FoA with an unramped Deep Bite. The rng gods must have appreciated my recent sacrifices since a crit took it to the FoA to 0. Sorry puppies.

8:50 – Done Did Kid
Fiendish Imp, Scalded Basilisk Hatchling, Ghastly Kid
win vs. Fragment Of Anger, Brightpaw, Bloodbeak

It’s sort of funny because every battle with Done Did Kid becomes serious business due to me trying to keep its insane record intact. This was the only battle that I played well in. Perhaps I should take every battle this seriously. That sounds stressful.

21:45 – Mousy Fakers
Prairie Mouse, Scalded Basilisk Hatchling, Ghastly Kid
win vs. Fragment Of Anger, Brightpaw, Bloodbeak

I was waiting for the Prowl to come so I held off on my Crystal Prison, taking more damage than I should have. I suppose that’s not me being bad, that’s me expecting my opponent to play poorly, which didn’t happen. My good ol’ bassie got some nice crit action against the FoA. May have been the difference. Sorry puppies.

Disco’s Three
Woo hoo! I decided to do another video to make up for my poor play in the last one. I wanted to play better, not sure that I really did.

1:20 – Frothy Bold Mice
Prairie Mouse, Nightshade Sproutling, Bone Serpent
win vs. Molten Corgi, MPD, Nightshade Sproutling

I beat this opponent a lot since they stopped using the Graves/Ghastly Kid combo. The corgi actually gives Frothy Bold Mice a lot of problems, but I managed to win a close one.

7:30 – Thirty Niners
Obsidian Hatchling, Frostwolf Ghostpup, Leviathan Hatchling
win vs. Emerald Proto-Whelp, Unborn Val’kyr, Fel Flame

An easy win.

11:55 – Revenge Is Ours
Prairie Mouse, Puddle Terror, Frostwolf Ghostpup
win vs. Emperor Crab, Fragment Of Anger, Creepy Crate

I thought I played it well enough, but the crab really put my Puddle Terror to the test in the end. I won, but barely.

One Response to January 30, 2016

  1. GrĂ¡inne says:

    I didn’t pay much attention to the intro music change, but I’m not at all convinced that playing music during the ideos would do anything good. Maybe I’m soured by the multitude of really bad WoW videos on YouTube with anonymous music.

    We come to listen to the commentary. Music is not going to help us do that.

    Congratulations on another successful Done Did Kid win. It’s a great team, it helped me get my Direhorn, but I’ve mostly stopped using it post-Graves. Not many Humanoids can face repeated undead damage when helpless to counter it.

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