January 27, 2014

Team Name: Ten Toppers
S/S Flayer Youngling (Blitz, Deflection, Kick)
P/P Sen’Jin Fetish (Shadow Slash, Immolate, Sear Magic)
S/S Robo-Chick (Batter, Overtune, Wind-Up)

I didn’t realize the Flayer Youngling was still so awesome. Back before the change from Reflection to Deflection the Flayer was my (and lots of other people’s) go-to pet. When Reflection went away I shelved this pet only to bring it out here and there for old time’s sake. Until yesterday. I brought the Flayer back on this team and it’s been doing excellent. I went on a crazy run where I beat a string of teams loaded with many of the most frequently appearing pets on my meta. It’s funny because there’s not a lot of synergy here. Really it’s more like I threw three good pets together. There is some diversity in the types of moves with a decent mix of speed and power, multiple attacks and a nuke along with some defensive moves. As far as strategy goes it’s really about playing off of what I think the opposing team will do and getting in a situation where I can use my diverse attacks to my advantage.

There’s not much coverage here. There’s not an overall master plan (which can sometimes be good). The Flayer is useless when it’s slower, so I need to watch out for Imps, Adders and priority moves. Even though I went on a nice run earlier I was then brought back to reality by facing some faster opponents.

The Opposing Team:
P/S Chi-Chi
P/S Lil’ Bad Wolf
B/B Electrified Razortooth

The Battle:
012714BUgh. Chi-Chi. The Flayer is too slow and the Robo-Chick is a mech. I was going have to use the Sen’Jin Fetish against it as best as I could. I anticipated that Chi-Chi would start so I brought the Fetish first. I was wrong, the Razortooth was first. I took the Rip and gave a DoT of my own with Immolate. I did the smart thing and swapped out to avoid the Blood In The Water while bleeding but it hit my Flayer anyways. So far it wasn’t going well. I kept the Flayer in until the Razortooth was dead, which was accomplished by a Kick and three triple hitting Blitzes.

012714DChi-Chi came in so I swapped to the Fetish. Triple Fire Quills on the swap then two more saw my Fetish go to 0 hp. It was able to apply Immolate but on its undead round Chi-Chi used Ethereal. Not… going… well. The Flayer is still alive but it would be die from one or two Fire Quills. My only hope is Overtune taking away Chi-Chi’s speed. I brought the Robo-Chick. Chi-Chi applied Wild Magic, my Chick used Overtune. It would be painful if two Quills hit. The Chick hit two Batters and Chi-Chi hit only one Quill, but it was for 348 damage. Next round only one Quill hit again, phew. After that Chi-Chi died. Chalk one up for Overtune but the battle was still not won. The Robo-Chick was able to get the Lil’ Bad Wolf within kill range for the Flayer, a Kick and a Blitz finished the Wolf. I’m really loving the resurgence of the Robo-Chick.

4 Responses to January 27, 2014

  1. Luthorien says:

    I went and caught an H/H Robo Chick in the wild, remembering that you made use of one a while back. I was wondering, do you recommend the S/S one more highly? I mean, something about 2150hp (including Failsafe) that one just can’t say no to, lol. Both that and S/S have the same amount of power…I guess I’ll just have to test it out on my current meta and see.

    • Discodoggy says:

      It one point I used an H/H along with a Valk to stay alive longer while Haunt was up. In general I like the S/S. Wind-Up helps the low attack power with its 10% buff and with 325 you are out speeding most opponents. The Overtune is just there for some speed insurance for Batter. I don’t like having to rely on Overtune to be faster like you have to do with the H/H. You could always take Peck on the H/H which is what I did when I paired the H/H with a Valk. Really I’ve had so much success with the S/S that I didn’t give the H/H much of a shot outside of the team I already mentioned. I’m sure you can find a good use for it if you tried.

  2. rhonstifor says:

    I ran a team tonight inspired by you, Disco. Bleed team with Blighted Squirrel and infected bear cub. I added the Senjin fetish as my own take on it with wild magic, cleanse and flame breath.
    I used bash on the bear cub rather than hibernate, although I think i used hibernate more than you have . This is also based on your recommendation.
    Bash helped a couple of times, but there were a couple of times when hibernate would have helped as well, so I am not quite as convinced by this yet.

    This team is awesome. The synergy with dots, wild magic, bleed and maul is intense. Combined with the tankiness of all 3 pets, and of course, I cleansed many valks and blinds from death adders.
    I even took out some crabs with shells because of wild magic.
    Give it a try. Probably the most fun team I have played in a while, and very strong.

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