January 19, 2014

Today’s Team: Aqua Disaster
P/S Eternal Strider (Water Jet, Cleansing Rain, Pump)
S/S Robo-Chick (Batter, Overtune, Wind-Up)
H/H Spirit Crab (Snap, Whirlpool, Shell Shield)

Yesterday I decided to have some fun with only wild pets and I haven’t stopped since. This is a 5.3 team that I was running last night with some great success.

I used to use an H/S Mirror Strider rather than the P/S Eternal Strider as my water bug of choice. The Mirror Strider really was a waste of stats with 322 speed. Besides a few pets (S/S Jademist and any 309/305 speeds) there’s not too many pets that make the H/S Mirror Strider worth taking over the 305 speed P/S Eternal Strider. The Eternal has 273 power compared to the 244 of the Mirror. So here I am with my more powerful Strider. What will I do with it?

Really this is team based on coverage. I started with the Robo-Chick simply because I really like using it. Elementals are a problem for mechs due to being double counters. That’s why I added the Strider to scare any elementals. There’s some coverage going the other way too since the Robo-Chick is one of my favorite flyer counters. Sounds like an odd thing to say, right? Wind-Up, Overtune, Batter then Wind-Up is a good sequence to use against flyers. You can initially outspeed them with Overtune then after Wind-Up lets loose the flying racial is gone. The Spirit Crab was added for much needed tankiness, plus Whirlpool will benefit from Cleansing Rain. It’s not the uber ownage team of the year but it can win consistently. I particularly love the burst from the Strider.

The Strider is fairly fragile at 1400 hp and no avoidance or mitigation. In fact, the entire team has no avoidance. I’ll have to eat nukes with the Spirit Crab.

The Opposing Team:
S/S Fiendish Imp
H/H Unborn Val’kyr
H/B Swamp Croaker
Imps and Val’kyrs are the two most common pets on my new meta with 25 and 30 appearances. The Idol is in third with 15.

The Battle:
011914AThis was going to be a tough one from the get go. The Imp started out. It cast Gate on my Crab for to bring in the Strider. I cast Pump as the Imp set up its DoT. I cast Cleansing Rain as the Imp got off a Burn. The Swamp Croaker came in and my Strider Immediately unloaded the Pump. Ouch. Around 800 damage. Then the Bubble came. No wonder there are so many Imps on this meta, people here love the double block moves, mostly Decoy. I broke the bubble with two water jets then the Imp swapped back in and Water Jet crit for 628 on the swap. The Imp killed the Strider, I brought in the Crab but immediately got Gated out.

Now it’s the Robo-Chick versus Imp which seems bad but I had a plan. Wind-Up, Overtune, Batter, Wind-Up took out the Imp. I had to take two strong Burns in the process. Maybe my plan wasn’t great, but at least the Imp is gone which is what I wanted. The Val’kyr was at full health, the Croaker was in kill range from Batter or Snap. My Crab had taken a few Gates, the Robo-Chick hadn’t yet used its Failsafe. This could go either way. The Val’kyr and Crab duked it out but the Crab wasn’t able to do enough damage. My opponent could have won the battle but for some reason they swapped out right before the Val’kyr died. My Robo-Chick killed the Croaker on the swap, the Val’kyr came right back to die and force Failsafe. The Chick died on the next round for the draw and an odd ending. There goes my run of success with wild pets. I plan on doing some more “Gone Wildin'” in the near future.

3 Responses to January 19, 2014

  1. Luthorien says:

    I like these all-wild pets for the random queue. :)

    I command you to use Willy, though! I never see him used on my meta unless it’s me using him, lol. I just got a win with a Tideskipper, Willy and Vengeful Porcupette…we’ll see how this combo does with more queues.

    • Discodoggy says:

      That’s the third time Willy has been recently recommended. WIll was going to be my first magic pet to 25 but then I shelved him due to being B/B. Rot/Tongue Lash is some great self synergy. I really should dust him off.

      • Rhonstifor says:

        Eyeblast synergizes perfectly in there as well.
        I have a very fun Willy, Senjin Fetish, Rabbit team. Again, I go with wild magic here for obvious reasons. Definitely beatable, but so much fun when things work out.

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