WoD Teams

A new expansion deserves a new team page. Here are my newest teams from WoD.
(added a few new teams on 2/15/16)

In case you have been directed here in the hopes of finding a team let me warn you that this is just a list with a short blurb about each team. If you want to see a more in-depth discussion then click on the link to the daily battle. It’s there that the strategy for each team is discussed and the team is sent to battle in the PvP queue. I also highly recommend reading my guide on team creation (Creating A Team).

Any team that has reached one hundred wins since I’ve been keeping records (since April 2015) has the text “Hundred Win Club” below it. I have included the number of battles that it took to get to one hundred, along with its record at that milestone. Of course the lower the number is better.

6.0 Teams

beakingoutBeaking Out
H/P Blighthawk (Infected Claw, Ghostly Bite, Cyclone)
S/S Jademist Dancer (Steam Vent, Rain Dance, Acid Rain)
P/P Junglebeak (Peck, Rain Dance, Nocturnal Strike)

Clonedance with an extra Rain Dance thrown in. This P/P bird is damn good. Yes, it reminds you of fruity breakfast cereal… until it a 100% accuracy Nocturnal Strike crits you.

dreadful memoriesDreadful Memories
P/P Droplet Of Y’Shaarj (Corrosion, Acid Rain, Dreadful Breath)
H/H Scourged Whelpling (Tail Swipe, Darkness, Dreadful Breath)
H/H Spirit Crab (Snap, Surge, Shell Shield)

With Dreadful Breath becoming an even split AoE these types of teams have gotten really good. My poor nerfed Spirit Crab hasn’t seen as much action lately other than as a sweeper on this team.

P/S Stonegrinder (Woodchipper, Thunderbolt, Clean-Up)
H/P Snarly (Rip, Surge, Blood In The Water)
H/P Infested Bear Cub (Infected Bite, Bash, Maul)

Still loving the bleeding effect :)

ohtheterrorOh The Terror
S/S Fiendish Imp (Burn, Immolation, Nether Gate)
P/P Sen’Jin Fetish (Flame Breath, Wild Magic, Sear Magic)
H/P Terroclaw Hatchling (Claw, Dodge, Nature’s Ward)

A good stand alone pet along with one of my all time favorite combos.

betterthanoneBetter Than One
P/B Hydraling (Tail Slap, Call Lightning, Shell Armor)
P/P Sen’Jin Fetish (Flame Breath, Wild Magic, Sear Magic)
S/S Lil’ Bling (Inflation, Extra Plating, Make It Rain)

There are so many good lighting pets to go with the Hydraling; this is just one example.

P/B Royal Peacock (Savage Talon, Arcane Storm, Feign Death)
P/P Nexus Whelpling (Frost Breath, Mana Surge, Wild Magic)
S/S Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling (Breath, Thunderbolt, Decoy)

You don’t want to get hit by two Mana Surges in arcane winds.

S/S Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling (Breath, Thunderbolt, Decoy)
H/H Weebomination (Cleave, Consume Corpse, Haymaker)
H/S Kovok (Poison Fang, Pheromones, Black Claw)

The Weebomination will surely be a force to be reckoned with in 6.0.

obviousdragonsObvious Dragons
S/S Fiendish Imp (Burn, Immolation, Nether Gate)
P/P Warbot (Missile, Extra Plating, Minefield)
S/S Bronze Whelpling (Arcane Slash, Crystal Prison, Lift-Off)

I was trying to relive the glory of the Obvious Ponies. I was able to.

notmydogNot My Dog
P/S Frostwolf Pup (Bite, Crouch, Maul)
S/S Darkmoon Rabbit (Huge Sharp Teeth, Dodge, Stampede)
H/P Snarly (Rip, Surge, Blood In The Water)

Crouch provides some nice defense on a bleeding team.

droppingbirdstooDropping Birds, Too
S/S Fiendish Imp (Burn, Immolation, Nether Gate)
H/H Lost Of Lordaeron (Shadow Shock, Arcane Explosion, Curse Of Doom)
P/S Warpstalker Hatchling (Bling Strike, Triple Snap, Ravage)

This was an old team that I brought back for WoD due to all of the triple flyer teams I’ve been seeing. Not a great team in general.

mypalikkyMy Pal Ikky
S/S Fiendish Imp (Burn, Immolation, Nether Gate)
P/P Sen’Jin Fetish (Flame Breath, Wild Magic, Sear Magic)
P/S Ikky (Quills, Black Claw, Flock)

I didn’t include this team the first time I updated the teams page because I thought it was too fragile. I ended up using it a lot despite this major weakness. It’s fragile but fun.

hotbugHot Bug
H/P Fire Beetle (Flank, Hiss, Scorched Earth)
H/P Soul Of The Forge (Deep Burn, Extra Plating, Flamethrower)
H/P Parched Lizard (Quick Attack, Conflagrate, Ravage)

Another team that I didn’t make the team page the first time around. I ended up liking the Parched Lizard more than I thought I would.

samebirdSame Bird
H/H Fel Flame (Flame Breath, Scorched Earth, Conflagrate)
P/S Son Of Sethe (Plagued Blood, Touch Of The Animus, Drain Blood)
H/B Firewing (Deep Burn, Scorched Earth, Murder)

I love the Fel Flame and Son Of Sethe combo for creating an inescapable heal for Touch Of The Animus.

H/H Weebomination (Cleave, Consume Corpse, Haymaker)
P/P Droplet Of Y’Sharrj (Swallow You Whole, Acid Rain, Dreadful Breath)
H/H Scourged Whelpling (Tail Sweep, Call Darkness, Dreadful Breath)

This teams gives such easy wins it’s pathetic. I hope something is done or comes along to change the AoE meta.

whencowsburnWhen Cows Burn
H/H Fel Flame (Flame Breath, Scorched Earth, Conflagrate)
P/S Son Of Sethe (Plagued Blood, Touch Of The Animus, Drain Blood)
H/P Pygmy Cow (Stampede, Feed, Udder Destruction)

I’ve been using the Fel Flame and Son Of Sethe combo a lot. A lot.

axemelaterAxe Me Later
P/P Mechanical Axebeak (Peck, Haywire, Decoy)
S/B Ore Eater (Acid Touch, Shell Armor, Body Slam)
H/H Ghastly Kid (Hoof, Ethereal, Haunt)

This team won’t be as good when Shell Armor gets nerfed (assuming that it will). Right now it’s amazing.

orecreeperOre Creepers
S/S Ore Eater (Acid Touch, Shell Armor, Body Slam)
P/S Son Of Sethe (Plagued Blood, Touch Of The Animus, Drain Blood)
H/H Fel Flame (Flame Breath, Scorched Earth, Conflagrate)

More Scorched Earth heals, this time with the currently OP Shell Armor.

whensquirrelsburnWhen Squirrels Burn
no daily yet
H/H Fel Flame (Flame Breath, Scorched Earth, Conflagrate)
P/S Son Of Sethe (Plagued Blood, Touch Of The Animus, Drain Blood)
H/P Blighted Squirrel (Woodchipper, Crouch, Stampede)

How many of these teams do I need? More I say!

boltmasterBoltmaster Arson
S/S Fiendish Imp (Burn, Immolation, Nether Gate)
P/P Frostwolf Ghostpup (Scratch, Haunting Song, Ghostly Bite)
S/S Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling (Breath, Thunderbolt, Decoy)

A solid team with three top tier pets. How could it not do well?

6.1 Teams

S/S Jademist Dancer (Steam Vent, Rain Dance, Acid Rain)
S/S Slitherscale Elver (Deep Bite, Clobber, Pump)
S/S Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling (Breath, Thunderbolt, Decoy)

I was trying to find a good third for the elver and dancer then Vek recommended the MPD. It fits perfectly. Not long after this the MPD fell out of my favor as it became more clear that it was one of the big bullies of WoD. I still use it on this team.

richgirlsRich Girls
H/H Bone Serpent (Bone Barrage, Call Darkness, Nocturnal Strike)
P/P Junglebeak (Peck, Rain Dance, Nocturnal Strike)
S/S Nightshade Sproutling (Lash, Call Darkness, Blinding Poison)

Hundred Win Club
108 battles, 100-8

One of the best teams that I have ever come up with. It’s really hard to beat. For the record, it’s named after a line in “Bloodstains” by Agent Orange.

corporateCorporate Deathburger
S/S Fiendish Imp (Burn, Immolation, Nether Gate)
H/P Pygmy Cow (Stampede, Feed, Udder Destruction)
H/P Macabre Marionette (Macabre Maraca, Death and Decay, Bone Barrage)

I’ve been listening to too much punk! And too many cows! I’ve come to like the Macabre Marionette a lot in this world of MPDs.

triplehelixTriple Helix
S/S Arctic Hare (Flurry, Dodge, Burrow)
S/S Fiendish Imp (Burn, Immolation, Nether Gate)
P/P Frostwolf Ghostpup (Scratch, Haunting Song, Ghostly Bite)

I got tired of MPDs and the usual glut of undead so I went back to the rabbit. Often.

necromancerromNecromancer Romancers
S/S Arctic Hare (Flurry, Dodge, Burrow)
H/H Lost Of Lordaeron (Shadow Slash, Arcane Explosion, Bone Prison)
H/P Trunks (Smash, Ethereal, Avalanche)

Needs more rabbit. I wasn’t initially impressed with Trunks, but thanks to people using it in POTM teams I realized that it’s a very solid magic pet.

blackclawmcgrawBlack Claw McGraw
S/S Fiendish Imp (Burn, Immolation, Nether Gate)
H/H Ghastly Kid (Hoof, Ethereal, Haunt)
S/S Mechanical Scorpid (Barbed Stinger, Blinding Poison, Black Claw)

Hundred Win Club
125 battles, 100-25

You would think that I’d get tired of the Fiendish Imp. I don’t.

macarenaMacarena Prohibited
no daily yet
S/S Arctic Hare (Flurry, Dodge, Burrow)
H/P Fragment Of Anger (Seethe, Spiritfire Beam, Soulrush)
H/P Trunks (Smash, Ethereal, Avalanche)

Hundred Win Club
109 battles, 100-8-1

Sorry Bog Bastards, your long-standing win streak was beaten by these guys. At the time of writing this team is on a thirty-six game win streak (not counting insta-flees), with an overall record of 38-1. I wish I could take more credit, but I basically copied Bullfeaters’ POTM #5 winning entry, replacing the other fragment with a rabbit.

6.2 Teams

ginsubGinsu Brothers
H/P Fragment Of Anger (Seethe, Spirit Beams, Soulrush)
H/P Trunks (Smash, Ethereal, Avalnche)
S/S Alpine Foxling (Flurry, Howl, Dazzling Dance)

Hundred Win Club
111 battles, 100-10-1

This is really just another version of Macarena Prohibited with a fox replacing the rabbit. Both have their merits. I really like the S/S Alpine Foxling because buffed it is faster than a full speed Teroclaw Hatchling and unbuffed it is faster than an MPD. On slower metas other foxes may be optimal.

frostycoldratsFrosty Cold Rats
H/H Bone Serpent (Bone Barrage, Call Darkness, Nocturnal Strike)
S/S Frostfur Rats (Flurry, Crouch, Call Darkness)
S/S Nightshade Sproutling (Lash, Call Darkness, Blinding Poison)

Hundred Win Club
125 battles, 100-23-2

This team has been around since before 6.2; it was the introduction of Graves, particularly Consume Corpse builds, that made me start liking this team so much. The weathers can ensure that Graves gets less healing each time he consumes the dead goat (or valk). The rat being faster than the Fiendish Imp and also having Flurry can be quite useful.

rickfrostlyRick Frostly
H/P Graves (Skull Toss, Consume Corpse, Grave Destruction)
H/H Ghastly Kid (Hoof, Ethereal, Haunt)
P/P Frostwolf Ghostpup (Scratch, Haunting Song, Ghostly Bite)

Hundred Win Club
111 battles, 100-7-4

This team is my go-to revenge team when running into a lot of Graves or MPDs. Most folks go with BONESTORM, but being able to repeatedly consume the dead goat gives Graves some serious staying power.

rickstuffleyRick Stuffley
H/P Graves (Skull Toss, Consume Corpse, Grave Destruction)
H/H Ghastly Kid (Hoof, Ethereal, Haunt)
P/S Alterac Brew Pup (Bite, The Good Stuff, Avalanche)

It hasn’t seen as much use as Rick Frostly for me, but it has a lot of potential.

donedidkidKid, Look What You Done Did
S/S Fiendish Imp (Burn, Immolation, Nether Gate)
H/H Ghastly Kid (Hoof, Ethereal, Haunt)
H/S Scalded Basilisk Hatchling (Crystal Prison, Feign Death, Thrash)

I’m in shock at how well this team has done. At the time of writing it is 47-1. Haunt, Crystal Prison, Thrash, Feign Death then Nether Gate lead to an enemy pet close to zero health while this team has taken no damage. Of course things don’t always go as planned. This team can also be shut down by many pets, so I guess I’ve been pretty lucky in the queue so far.

beakbonegrinderBeakbone Grinder
H/P Macabre Marionette (Macabre Maraca, Death and Decay, Bone Barrage)
H/P Mechanical Axebeak (Peck, Haywire, Decoy)
P/S Stonegrinder (Screeching Gears, Thunderbolt, Clean Up)

A fun team. Making a video for this team got me into doing Youtube regularly.

VCrangersThe Van Cortlandt Rangers
P/S Aqua Terror (Water Jet, Clobber, Dive)
H/P Vengeful Porcupette (Powerball, Spirit Spikes, Flank)
P/P Mechanical Axebeak (Peck, Haywire, Decoy)

Probably my second most favorite team from that day of seeking a third, with the favorite being…

thewarriorsThe Warriors
P/S Aqua Terror (Water Jet, Clobber, Dive)
H/P Vengeful Porcupette (Powerball, Spirit Spikes, Flank)
H/H Macabre Marionette (Macabre Maraca, Death And Decay, Bone Barrage)

Hundred Win Club
135 battles, 100-34-1

Three underused pets that work well together.

P/P Curious Wolvar Pup (Bite, Snap Trap, Whirlwind)
H/P Graves (Skull Toss, BONESTORM, Grave Destruction)
P/S Stonegrinder (Screeching Gears, Thunderbolt, Clean-Up)

Hundred Win Club
107 battles, 100-5-2

I never thought that I would be a fan of traps. I suppose I was bored and looking for something different. I found it, and many wins accompanied this discovery. If you are on my meta please don’t use this team, I hate traps. Please.

nicenadodudeNice Nado Dude
no daily yet
P/B Spawn of G’Nathus (Swallow You Whole, Dive, Thunderbolt)
H/P Zomstrok (Infected Claw, Shell Shield, Carpnado)
S/S Arctic Fox (Flurry, Crouch, Dazzling Dance)

This is my most played Spawn of G’Nathus team.

dentaldisastersDental Disasters
no daily yet
S/S Fiendish Imp (Burn, Nether Gate, Immolation)
P/P Sen’jin Fetish (Breath, Wild Magic, Sear Magic)
P/B Hydraling (Tail Slap, Call Lightning, Shell Armor)

I haven’t played this team much yet, but I think the aquatic could be a good third for my super combo.

frothyboldmiceFrothy Bold Mice
H/H Bone Serpent (Bone Barrage, Call Darkness, Nocturnal Strike)
S/S Prairie Mouse (Flurry, Poison Fang, Survival)
S/S Nightshade Sproutling (Lash, Call Darkness, Blinding Poison)

Hundred Win Club
114 battles, 100-11-3

The mouse is a super hero.

mousyfakersMousy Fakers
H/H Ghastly Kid (Hoof, Consume Corpse, Haunt)
S/S Prairie Mouse (Flurry, Poison Fang, Survival)
H/S Scalded Basilisk Hatchling (Crystal Prison, Feign Death, Thrash)

Sort of like Done Did Kid, but with a mouse replacing the imp.

ThirtyninersThirty Niners
H/H Obsidian Hatchling (Flank, Screech, Exposed Wounds)
H/P Leviathan Hatchling (Tail Swap, Poison Spit, Primal Cry)
P/P Frostwolf Ghostpup (Scratch, Haunting Song, Ghostly Bite)

The Obsidian hatchling is a “just for fun” pet.

84 Responses to WoD Teams

  1. Cloudblueyes says:

    I was wondering what are the strengths of Spirit Crab for the Dreadful Memories team? Survive through shell shield and undead racial and able to snipe people with Surge? Could a MPD be stronger even perhaps as a sweeper? Thoughts?

    • Discodoggy says:

      Sometimes I go with the best pets for the situation, sometimes I go with pets that I like. This is a case of the latter. I still like the crab a lot, but I’m starting to think of the Spirit Crab as a “throwback pet”, or maybe a nostalgia pet would be a better description. The nerf to 95% moves like Snap hurt the crab immensely. The Spirit Crab can still perform well, just not at the same uber level it once did.

      Before I digress even more, yes, the MPD would be a better choice as a sweeper. Imo the MPD (along with the Teroclaw Hatchling and the Ore Eater) is one of the top three pets in the current meta. I’m pretty sure that I’ve battled the team you describe and it is pretty hard to deal with.

  2. Alcone says:

    I’m seeing a ton of Bone Serpents, Terocalws, and MPDs in my meta. What team would you use to beat them?

    • Discodoggy says:

      I’ve been using the Fragment of Anger and Trunks combo, often with a fox/wolf or rabbit as a third. The FoA can take down decoys and do strong damage to the MPD, and also do strong damage while the Teroclaw Hatchling is in bird form. My other current super combo is the H/H Bone Serpent and S/S Nightshade Sproutling. I use those pets because they’re also great against MPDs and Teroclaw hatchlings. The rabbit/fox is for the Bone Serpents.

  3. Tekulve says:

    The question will now be …what to do about undead AoE. Graves will come to the feasting table with Bonestorm AND a thunderbolt like AoE that does 700+dmg !!

    It will pulverize to bits any humanoids ..but esp. those on the backline (you can expect another rise of the Anub. idol as a part counter)
    Imagine a combo of Mpd, Graves and a FoA !! or even the s/s dancer!

    I’m shuddering at the thought of all that dmg ..it will be worse than the pre-nerf Fluxfire Feline days !!!

    • Sibel from Kazzak says:

      Are you serious? I didn’t even know that. They should have just given it a choice of Decoy and Bubble, too, and be done with it.

  4. Bogey says:

    6.2 Teams lets go!

  5. Vapid says:

    Would you potentially do the anti Graves team with the frostfire rat? I think you talked about it once in the video, but we have never actually seen it. I tried recreating it as the SS Nightshade, HH Bone Serpent, and the SS Frostfire and continually beat a guy on my meta who has been using Graves, Hyjal Wisp, and MPD. But I am not sure I have the same moves or the best understanding on how that teams plays out.

    And against a Murkalot team you would have to still eat the strong AoE damage, so also am uncertain how the frosty rats beats that MGMPD setup.

    Side note – thoughts on beating a team that slows? Specifically the PP Stunted Direhorn or maybe the Zandalari raptors. Those teams seem to be the only ones that cause trouble as they negate the faster teams I prefer. The Mechanical Axebeak seems like an ideal choice.

    • Discodoggy says:

      This is a good idea, I should do a write-up or video on it. I’m in a teahcers version of “hell week” right now: my fall daytime responsibilities have started while my summer night class is still going on. This means I’m too busy to do this now, but I’ll get to it.

      Primal Cry is difficult for me too since I run so many fast pets. I like to keep an undead pet in while the slow is up and try to take out the raptor or direhorn before it can get another off, but this is usually difficult.

  6. Empyrean of Eldre says:

    First night of trying put together teams and try PvP in earnest.

    Getting the &$%#! kicked out of me, and they’re all the same team: Fiendish Imp, Crawling Claw, Direhorn.

    Was just trying to have fun and get the hang of it … very frustrating after 5 matches with the same comp. Even tried running hard counters to each of their pets. Didn’t matter. All it did was just prolong the battle. If I swapped, he swapped. If I got a good match, he made me swap.

    Is it just me, or is everybody running this team comp? Could I be facing same dude 7 times in a row?

    • Vapid says:

      You are facing the same guy. In pvp pet battles the opposing characters avatar is generated by the system, no one actually ‘sees’ you. There are very few times that you run into people playing the same team oddly.

      • Empyrean of Eldre says:

        Are there really that few people doing pet battles? Is it tied to just people on my server (and/or the other server that we’re linked to)?

        What a bummer of a night. Was actually excited to do it for once. I don’t wanna play against a team I can’t even counter with counters, lol. I honestly can’t even comprehend what to do against him, short of leveling and making the same comp.

        Hope tomorrow’s different.

    • Bogey says:

      I used to use a similar team to your opponent in 5.4. Anubisath Idol would cause some serious trouble for that guy. That with a Fox and maybe an Mechanical with Plating. The Claw does a lot of damage but is very fragile.

      • Empyrean of Eldre says:


        Lay night I did try Anub/Fox/Rocket Chicken. It was … okay. Mostly just prolonged things. Was going great the first match as I was able to predict his first few moves based on the previous matches and deflected a couple forced swaps, but of course he altered his plan and was no longer predictable and eventually still whittled me down. I could get him and I to be down to one pet, but his would be close to 100% and mine was on the ropes.

        oh well. Eventually I just kept forfeiting and found some other dude to kick my butt, lol.

        • Discodoggy says:

          How about Zomstrok or the Infected Squirrel?

          Imps are hard to deal with in general and that team has some great coverage. Undead will be useful because of the strong attack against the imp and it will make the Direhorn’s priority attack less effective. You don’t want to try and out speed the imp due to Primal Cry.

          • Empyrean of Eldre says:

            Interesting. Will try some more comps with undead if I come up against them again.

            I’ve been doing okay since that first night.

            I even managed to finally get 10 kills for the quest/achievement.

            Today I’ve been trying an unorthodox team that I used in PvE for leveling a pet, then used the leveled pet to join the team.

            Arctic Fox Kit
            (Flurry, Crouch, Dazzling)
            Nether Faerie Dragon
            (Arcane Blast, Life Exchange, Moonfire)
            Ruby Droplet
            (Absorb, Dive, Drainblood)

            This has been pretty versatile for me, and very survivable. While not necessarily synergistic, or having coverage … or even big damage moves … somehow I’m 4 for 4, which is the best I’ve ever done, lol.

            That being said, I’ve been mad leveling pets lately, trying to get a good lineup to choose from while also building up for runs at the Celestials.

            Hopefully I’ll come up with some good, original teams that have everything my current one is missing, lol.

  7. tekulve says:

    A (sorta) ‘darkness’ comp would mess up that trio…i would try:

    Alpine foxling (i like the p/b breed)-use crouch and dazzling dance
    Nightshade sproutling (s/s)-darkness+blind and anti mpd with lash
    As a 3rd, a s/b breed sister of temptation is nice vs humanoids..it stuns and does CoDoom

    the only issue you’d have is shielded pets…in that case go with howl instead of crouch with the foxling ..

    just an idea gl

  8. Discodoggy says:

    Added the first round of 6.2 teams. Sadly, there are no proper 6.2 pets, unless you include Graves in that category.

  9. Kayhos says:

    Thanks a bunch for all your effort!

    Wondering what the POTM #8 is going to be 😀 The suspense is killing me!

    • Discodoggy says:

      I’ve extended POTM #7 into August, so you’ll have to wait until September :(

      • Kayhos says:

        Oh noes! That’s terrible news.

        This page gets more traffic because people are probably searching “WoD Battle Pet Team PVP” or something similar and can’t be bothered to look around by themselves…

  10. Discodoggy says:

    I knew I shouldn’t have put Owngrinders on this page. On the same day I add it to this page I have to face it in a mirror match. I lost every important coin toss and even got chain stunned by Stonegrinder. It’s only the 6th loss, making that team 107-6-2. Pretty darn good, even if luck is with me most of the time.

    On a related note, I wonder why this page gets so much more traffic when the Disco’s Battles page has so many more teams on it /shrug

    • Empyrean of Eldre says:

      I think this page gets more traffic because it’s quick and dirty, and formatted with a description and little icons for pets.

      Your Battles page is really just a date and a link, and it takes several minutes to get the whole story from you, without a written version to refer to.

      Now, if this page also had a video link to accompany each team, you’d get even less traffic on Battles.

      Also, if I’m at work and on my phone, watching videos is a real power drainer, so I’ve just been coming here for updates.

      By the way, ever consider putting your Tier list as a link in the top menu? The only way to get to it is to google it or to go to “Guides”, “Creating a Team”, scroll almost all the way down and find the link to click. Or is there another way I’m not seeing?

      • Empyrean of Eldre says:

        I had totally edited this comment … but it’s not showing.

        I changed this paragraph:

        Your Battles page is really just a date and a link, and it takes several minutes to get the whole story from you when it’s just a video. Your page here shows breed types and abilities, but your battle pages don’t. There’s a lot to read, but sometimes I’m wondering which team is actually yours … you never come out and say it, just “this team versus that team” and I’m left to assume yours is the first team?

        Take this one for example: http://pvppetbattles.com/daily-battle/july-25-2015/

        Battle 1: You talk about not letting peddlefeat each a Huant, so I’m thinking your team is the 2nd team. But then you say don’t let CHi-Chi do so and so, and that reaffirms to me that you’re fighting against the first team. And finally you say “My Cinder Pup”, so now I know I’ve been reading your paragraph all wrong, yet now it doesn’t make sense how you wrote it.

        Just saying some formatting and letting us know what team you’re playing up front so we (Me, Myself, and I) can follow along more easily. I think if you adopted the format of this page, and then went into a description of the specific battle, it’d be much better.

        Also, this page often talks about records and proven consistency, whereas it feels like your battles are just one-time tests for the heck of it … so this feels like a page to get better teams from.

        • Discodoggy says:

          It’s always been the case that I list the team that I use first, then the team that I’m facing second. I suppose that newer readers don’t understand that. Thanks for the feedback.

          I’m going out of town for about a week, so there won’t be any new content during that time. Enjoy the experience event!

      • Discodoggy says:

        You know, I once thought of adding a tab for it one top. I decided not to since I didn’t think that getting to the tier list was very hard. If you think that it’s inconvenient then others might as well.

        • Baldulf says:

          It is a little inconvenient, in truth. The only way I know to get to it is from the link halfway down one of the POTM posts. Now if you WANT it to be more difficult to find, that’s another matter entirely.

          • Discodoggy says:

            Added a tab for it on the top. Since I can only put pages up there and not posts it’s just a page with a link, but should be easier than… two flicks of the finger from the main page (which is how I access it)?

            I plan on adding a POTM tab too. Really, busy, now.

  11. Vapid says:

    Many thanks to Disco for your blog and helpful ideas on teams. Happy to report that I finally got to 3000 pvp wins. Just another 2000 more to go.

  12. sabinexxl says:

    i think i found a nearly unbeatable team ( ~75-2-2 stats so far )
    losing only to rng sleep 5 rounds in a row

    fossilized hatchling claw-ancient blessing-bonestorm
    MPD breath-thunderbolt-decoy
    Graves skull toss- bonestorm-grave destruction

    start with hatchling always 2 bonestorms till dead and finish with MPD , graves finisher

  13. Dekiion says:

    Just found your site, it’s awesome and soooo helpful!

    And I gotta say, I’ve been goofing around with a couple of your teams above and having SOO much fun! “Owngrinders” is flat our crazy fun, and I think I’m something like 65 wins / 2 losses with it over the last couple days. It can be VERY RNG dependent (on when the trap goes if I don’t spring it myself) but it’s soooo much fun and a change from running the same team as everyone else at a given point in time. Thanks for all you’ve done here!

    • Discodoggy says:

      Nice to see Owngrinders getting some use. I never imagined traps would be so much fun.

      • Dekiion says:

        Hahah, me either! After playing it on and off for a couple weeks, I still REALLY like that team comp. It’s not unbeatable, but I’ve gotta say I’m clocking in somewhere around 75-80% win rate at a minimum, with hundreds of games played now. Looking forward to see what you come up with next. 😉

  14. Johnnie says:

    I noticed that you didn’t have very many teams with the B/B or /B part. Are balanced teams weaker against the other teams or what?

    • Lyraat says:

      Yes, B/B pets are weaker overall. I remember reading something about stat allotments: each pet gets 20 points to divide between health, speed, and power. A health+speed pet might get 8 points towards health, 8 towards speed, and 4 towards power, for example. A ninja (aka super speed) pet might get 18 points towards speed, 1 each towards health and power. A balanced pet, though, can only put 6 points towards health, power, and speed (total of 18) because it’s balanced and thus all stats must be equal even though that means foregoing 2 stat points. I may be wrong on this, but seems to play out.

      Balanced pets just aren’t special. In PvP, being special–having more of something–gives you an advantage.

      The only balanced pet I use is my Unborn Valk (which I rarely use anymore). Many people in 5.4 had the H/H Valk, and I won a lot of matches because my Valk haunted first (the B/B Valk was faster, and haunting an empty active pet slot is instant death).

    • Discodoggy says:

      Yes, B/B have less stats than other breeds.

      Pet Search breaks it down nicely.

  15. titanborn says:

    H/P Blighthawk (Infected Claw, Ghostly Bite, Cyclone)
    S/S Jademist Dancer (Steam Vent, Rain Dance, Acid Rain)
    P/P Junglebeak (Peck, Rain Dance, Nocturnal Strike)

    This team is amazing!!! I would not have thought it was so strong. Thanks for the info Disco

    • Jon says:

      I am pretty sure that I racked up an 85-12-2 record with this team during the pet battle weekend. Saw soo many different comps that weekend.

      • Lyraat says:

        I liked the pet battle bonus weekend because of all the unusual comps people tried. There were some Graves+MPD+who_cares comps, sure, but there were also a lot of “I like these pets, let’s go!” comps. Great to see people trying PvP pet battles.

      • Discodoggy says:

        Maybe it was one of you who beat me last night. Remember beating a Vengeful Porcupette, Alpine Hare and Zomstrok?

  16. Discodoggy says:

    Felt like giving the blog some attention today. Added a few more teams.

  17. Siegfriedthelion says:

    This is just my opinion but I think Graves is too strong. Murkalot’s Rightous Inspiration —>Graves’ Bonestorm does double damage every hit—>Graves’ Grave Destruction. The enemy team just lost half of their HP.

    • Discodoggy says:

      Graves is very strong indeed, but I think the problem that you described is more of a problem with Righteous Inspiration than Graves. I really wish RI was removed from pet battles.

      • Kayhos says:

        I am also of the opinion that Graves is a very strong pet but is manageable with a well prepared team. Murkalot on the other hand is destabilizing with his RI ability that is stronger than every other ability.

        A simple tweak that changes the speed buff for a speed decrease, a bit like an improved Prowl, might be sufficient to render Murkalot on par with the other pets.

        Removing the ability altogether from the pool might be the only solution in the end since that ability is the enabler of so many broken combos.

      • Lyraat says:

        I dont mind that it’s strong, I just want to have access to it. I would be willing to pay real money for a pet with Murkalot’s abilities. We all have access to Graves–HotS is free to play–but all the Blizzcon pets are only for those who got the Blizzcon goodie bags. Bah.

        Ah, Nether Gate. So delicious when you force-swap a RI-buffed Graves out. I cackle every time. Every time.

        • Baldulf says:

          Well, Murkalot WAS available for real money for those who didn’t go to Blizzcon, but only for a limited time. Blizzcon sells the virtual ticket every time for $40, which includes the in-game goodies.

  18. Loki says:

    This weekend I’ve done a lot of battles with your Frosty Cold Rats team and Macarena Prohibited team. Each has better than 90% win rate. Gotta say, Trunks is a revalation. He’s really good. My favourite Curious Wolver/Graves/Snarly team is also winning 9/10. Meta is very undead heavy but the only teams I am losing to are healing focused or just weird randoms.

    Trap has a very odd habit of going off at exactly the right moment. I’ve won several matches I really should have lost because of the stun effect. I think Blizz might have a soft spot for it.

    • Discodoggy says:

      Don’t you love when that happens. So many times I’ve thought “okay, unless trap goes off right now I’m screwed”, then the trap goes off.

  19. Stevia says:

    Enjoyed playing some pvp last petbattle weekend, tinkering with a few teams of yours, as well as making some of my own. Finally the meta was more diverse and not just endless Graves and MPD. Probably because more people were doing their 5 win quest.

    Anyway, got most action with Graves + Ghastly Kit healing combo which I’ve read about on your blog a while ago. Trying different pets as third to this set is pretty fun. My favorite additions to it so far:
    – Curious Wolvar Pup, for their triple synergy with each other (graves eats on the goat and later on the pup, plus the trap+grave destruction move).
    – Willy due to him being magic and soaking things like Iron Starlette plus the unique ability to turn everything into undead and hitting it hard.
    – Seaborn Spore P/P for its blind and pretty massive dot. Helps a lot to start with it and ruin the heavy opener with blind and then dotting swappers.
    – Decent frog (Yellow-Bellied Bullfrog P/P or Mud Jumper H/B), thanks to their ability to solo things like 3x Weebomination where Graves+Goat usually fails.
    – The non-undead pet with Consume Corpse (I tried Dread Hatchling and Hogs) to alternate with Graves against critters/aquatic.
    – Surprisingly enough, the Elekk Plushie works amazingly well, considering it not having a single attack. o.O I trying it mostly because I was bored and didn’t really expect any serious result. But turns out it covers one of the greatest weakness this combo has: the fact that you need to soak the damage while the goat is cooling down, as well as those 1-shotting heavy hits that won’t give a chance to heal. And since its health pool is so huge it’s not only good against heavy hits (as any magic), but whatever monstrous rabbit or frog with multiple anti-undead attacks just as well. And the most important part is probably psychological component: at least in my experience about 30% opponents just forefit either on the first sight of this team or after they see it in action for 5-7 turns. ^^’ Of course I can’t say it’s the most resultative combination of all, but it’s definitely one of the most fun ones and those few wins with the plushie are priceless. :)

    • Lyraat says:

      Re: Elekk Plushie = I’ve used him before, too. Basically, you’re saying, “My two pets are so amazingly overpowered that I can use a target dummy for my third pet and still win.” I’m not sure if that says more about the OP-ness of the pets or the arrogance of the pet battler or both. As pleased as I was to win, it wasn’t a very satisfying win. I felt dirty, douche-tastic.

      • Stevia says:

        Yeah, this definitely can be read this way. Perhaps, it is, in fact, a bit of a trolling to run a Elekk with an OP combo. Though, alternatively, one can read this as sort of additional challenge and a bit of an upper hand to your opponent. Since this combo is indeed OP and with Elekk it’s not exactly the most OP variation of it, adding quite a bit of risk in exchange for just a couple perks Elekk has to offer.

        To be honest, it’s even more of a dirty tactic to go with Graves&Goat setup, knowing how OP it is and how it is capable of beating most teams without much assistance of a third pet, with actual third OP pet in addition to it :)

        Frankly I’d rather see this infinite goat burger nerfed to be just 1 consume per pet, whether it was permanetly dead or not. Maybe even along with a few other quite unfair synergies like massive aoe cds or unkillable backline healing “have fun battling it for 100 turns until you inevitably loose” kind of teams. We have to run OP combinations because they exist and the alternative is to run into them and have little to no chance. I’d rather see more diversity and smart stategies. Where most of pets could be viable if played well and combined with a bit of thought to it. Alas it isn’t, so for now this will have to do :)

    • Discodoggy says:

      I hadn’t considered using an Elekk Plushie. It might take a while, but it see it working the way you describe.

  20. Zarce says:

    Enemies have never failed so many attacks and still won me with your “100 Win Club” Rich Girls team.

    It’s common that 4-5 hits won’t do any damage but it’s ok to beat those pets.

    I’m sure that if I ramdonly choose pets from my list and let them battle, I’ll be better than that.

    Anyway, your numbers were right. Except the fact that it’s not 100-8, it’s 8-100.

    • Discodoggy says:

      Too bad it didn’t work out for you. What type of teams were beating you regularly during all of those losses?

      • Polath says:

        “Rich Girls” is my go-to team. Thus far I have a 79 – 24 record. Most losses came when I started playing it. I wondered how on earth Disco got just an amazing record with it.

        It took me a while to learn the mechanics and strengths of each pet well. Now I rarely lose with it. The turning point for me was to learn how to match up each of the pets against my opponents. For example, I will always try to match my Junglebeak against elementals.

        What I like about Rich Girls is that handles many powerful pets: weather based teams, shields, elementals, mechanical with decoys, aquatics, etc. Since I do not have neither the “Curious Wolvar Pup” nor “Graves”, Rich Girls is like my own version of Disco’s Own Grinders.

    • Lyraat says:

      Are you using the exact breeds? Not having a H/H Bone Serpent and a P/P Junglebeak makes a huge difference. I used a S/S Bone Serpent for a bit and was not nearly as successful as I was with the H/H breed. The extra health enables the H/H Bone Serpent to survive an extra turn compared to other breeds. And the P/P Junglebeak hits like a truck.

      Are you using Blinding Poison often? Because of the Sproutling’s speed, Blinding Poison handcuffs your opponent for two rounds (against the majority of pets). I will start with the Sproutling if the other team has Graves. Poison (then watch as Graves misses all three BONESTORM hits), Call Darkness, swap out. Or Poison, swap to Junglebeak, Peck (take a Skull Toss or Grave Destruction), Rain Dance (for the heal and +hit chance), Noctural Strike. Either way, Blinding Poison saves two rounds of damage.

      Are you maximizing your Junglebeak’s racial? Against AoE teams, play Junglebeak early. For example, if Graves gets off two BONESTORMs before dying, that’s 772 dmg done to the backline. That will drop Junglebeak below 50%, which means he’ll be at his base 264 speed. Still faster the Graves, yes, but slower than many pets.

      Are you not wasting turns with the Bone Serpent? Because he doesn’t have a spammable attack–Bone Barrage, Call Darkness, and Nocturnal Strike all have cooldowns–you need to be mindful that you’re not getting cooldown locked out too often. BB, CD, BB, NS, BB gives you five rounds before getting locked out. CD, NS, BB is great for a quick kill (which is good sometimes), but locks you out of round 4. You either have to swap (which may or may not be ideal) or hit pass (which sucks).

      And sometimes, teams don’t work out for you. My team of frustration is Macarena Prohibited. I have tried several times to get this team going. No luck. So I don’t play it. Lots of other teams to play.

      • Discodoggy says:

        I tried different breeds of the Bone Serpent when it first came out and I found that the H/H works best in most situations.

  21. Vapid says:

    I will second everything Lyraat has mentioned. Rich girls is extremely powerful, but having the correct H/H breed for the serpent and S/S breed for the sprout and P/P breed for the junglebeak is pretty vital.

    Furthermore you can easily swap the bird out for the S/S Frostfur Rat as it takes weak damage from elementals and with crouch, CD, flurry you are great against undead and elementals too.

    My experience with both teams has easily been in the 90% win rate, even in the Graves, MPD, Murkalot era.

  22. rich fleming says:

    I win 9/10 battles with my pet team.

    Pandaren Monk
    S/S Bone Serpent
    P/S Bone serpent

    If I start off with a fast pet against me – I start with my P/S Bone Serpent
    Bone Barrage / Call Darkness / Nocturnal Strike on both Bone Serpents.

  23. fr0z3night says:

    Rematch Imports for each team if possible

  24. matt says:

    I played a team today of 2 spores, not sure which, but they got first hit to blind me for 2 rounds total, so he’d use one blind me, switch and blind again, then switch to his sister of temptation which stunned me. he kept swapping and i legit could never attack. he was hoping i would quit but i wouldnt. i stopped attacking for 3 rounds so he thought i was afk and he attacked, so i attacked and ended up almost killing one of the pets. he went back to the blind so it was a stalemate. this had gone on for 45 minutes. so i downloaded a auto clicker in my background to spam my first attack and went to make food and watch a movie when i came back after an hour and a half it had ended. im not sure if he quit or tried to attack but it was around 1.5-2 hours for that battle. the whole point is to make the other person quit so i think the combo/pets need a nerf so that cant happen. the blinds should be, blinds 1 attack or something cause it was just stupid that i cant attack at ALL with the combo.

    • Discodoggy says:

      What a lame battle. Too bad you had to suffer through that.

    • Lyraat says:

      1. This reminds me of the 2x DAH + Valk teams of 5.4. Haunt, Blind, swap, Blind, poison, rinse, repeat. An imposed stalemate v. inevitable death. Not fun either way.

      2. Be careful of using any program that does actions for you, aka botting. You don’t want to get banned or suspended over a pet battle.

      3. If I had to guess as to why someone would go for such a lame comp (aside from “trolling for lolZ”), [No Time to Heal]. Healer teams can be beaten–Call Darkness, e.g.–but this is a very difficult comp to overcome for many teams. Even the dreaded MGMPD team would be hard pressed to defeat this comp.

      If I run into this team and I don’t have a counter (a critter to cheese the stun, Arcane Winds, avoidance, etc.), I’d forfeit. Let him have his win. Get on with life.

      • Hobotto says:

        The shitty thing is right now it feels like there’s nobody playing so you just keep getting matched against the same guy over and over. It sucks.

        • Vapid says:

          I would suggest a team with Arcane Winds to negate the stun. As for the blind, you could opt for a MPD or other pet with Decoy, gives you a chance to use an AoE attack. The main thing with the spores and the flying racial is to knock them below 50%.

          Try an MPD, Nexus Whelpling, and Frag of Anger.

          Also the Royal Peachick and new SC2 pet would work well against them.

  25. Taerina says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the “Owngrinders” team, been using it this weekend and it’s absolutely brutal. Thumbs up!

  26. aaron says:

    how often do you add teams on her. btw i love the site its helped me alot

  27. Wamp says:

    I faced with my FoA, MPD and Graves this team earlier:

    Pebble (Stone Shot, Sandstorm, Rock Barrage) (not sure about stone shot because he didn’t use it, but I think it’s better than Stone Rush)
    Stinker (Scratch, Perk Up, Bleat)
    FoA (Spiritfire Bolt, Spiritfire Beam, Soulrush)

    with the following names: AoE Teams; No more; Popular

    I won them, but the idea seems very good. What do you thing about this team? Do you think this could be a good AoE counter?

    • Lyraat says:

      Sandstorm is a semi-decent counter to AoE teams if you build around it. The team you faced cockblocked itself. Pardon the language, but there’s no more accurate phrase. Sandstorm ruins both Rock Barrage and Spiritfire Beam, and no one likes missing a big attack because they used Sandstorm or Call Darkness earlier.

      Pebble and Stinker have some potential as an AoW counter, but FoA seems out of place. Sandstorm + AoE heal = extend the fight, whittle the opponent down.

      Some options for a third:

      *A hard-hitting elemental. Lil Rag (with Flamethrower and Conflag) would get the opponent down, especially MPD. Extending the fight is great, but if the other team can heal or avoid, you’re in trouble.
      * Left Shark. Aquatic family (lol at Graves) plus Rain Dance to counter Sandstorm. There are other pets with Rain Dance, but Left Shark is the only aquatic with it.
      * Frostfur Rat. Refuge (more dmg protection) plus critter attacks (lol at Graves).
      * Another pet with Sandstorm, such as Living Sandling or Silithid Hatchling. I’m not a fan building a team around one pet with one ability, especially a weather-based team. Having two pets with Sandstorm gives you redundancy.
      * Teroclaw Hatchling. Evade, attack, heal, backline, heal and get heals on backline, rinse, repeat.

  28. Discodoggy says:

    Added a few teams, but nothing you haven’t seen already.

  29. Horky says:

    Looking at your “Rick Rolling” teams, have you considered using the mechanical scorpid for the third? Do you think it would be effective to black claw after the haunt for a big fatty dot? How would this work with blinding poison to set up for wind up? Sounds a bit saucy…. I might have to give it a go….

    • Discodoggy says:

      I have not tried this yet. How’s it working out? Seems like the extra blind could give the Bone Serpent’s CDs a chance to reset.

  30. I don’t know if you’ve used this team or if it’s posted anywhere, I’d like to think I came up with it. I call it, Demolishing Clone Dance:

    P/S Wild Golden Hatchling [Tail Sweep][Call Lightning][Cyclone]
    P/P Bloodbeak [Slicing Wind][Rain Dance][Nocturnal Strike]
    P/S Crusher [Acid Touch][Shell Armor][Demolish]

    Looking at my line up, it’s fairly easy to tell how I want the fights to go. However, win, loss, or draw, this is a very fun team to play!

    What are your thoughts?

  31. Horky says:

    I found a HUGE counter to AoE pet damage, but I think it’s a bug. I don’t want to share info, but I will let you know privately what it is, Disco. Hit me up.

  32. Jeff says:

    As a variant on Rich Girls, sub out the Dread Hatchling for the Junglebeak. You lose the raindance/crit, but you get a second call darkness, and a second nocturnal strike, and a speedy/hard hitting one at that. I often start with the Hatchling, and save my Bone Serpent to clear out MPD decoys. The Nightshade Sproutling still gets full heals in the back row with Darkness up, but other pets (non-Elementals) don’t. Eats Graves and MPDs (pre-nerf) for lunch.

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