D. Weather

Some effects are brought about by using skills that apply weather to the playing field. Weather differs from other effects because it applies the effect to all active pets, not just the pets that the move was used against. Creating a weather team is very common in PvP pet battles. While weather usually provides a powerful effect that benefits you it also has some big risks. Your opponent may be using weather also. If they change the weather your team might lose most of its effectiveness. Another risk is that it benefits both teams equally. I just love when I have a healing team and my opponent applies Moonlight (which buffs healing). Thanks for the help! Keep in mind that the elemental racial makes them immune to negative weather effects, so you may lose some effectiveness if facing an elemental.

As an example of how to make a weather team I will choose one of the lesser used weathers, Cleansing Rain. Cleansing Rain gives aquatic attacks a 25% buff and reduces harmful damage over time effects by one round. An obvious choice would be to pick three aquatic pets for this team. Picking three (or even two) of the same family for your team is an extremely risky choice. If the opposing team has one hard counter you’re in for a world of hurt in the form of strong attacks. In other words, if I have three aquatics just one flying pet on the opposing team will destroy me.

So you have to be creative. Lets start with a Leopard Tree Frog. He can apply Cleansing Rain. Instead of choosing two more aquatics you can choose non-aquatics with aquatic attacks. How about Curious Oracle Hatchling (humanoid) and Legs (magic). Both of these pets have aquatic attacks. They also have magic, humanoid, and mechanical moves. If you decide to give the frog Tongue Lash then you also have a critter attack. That’s five families of attacks with one of the types being buffed by 25%. This team also has coverage with the humanoid attack covering the magic pet.

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