Team Tryouts

anywhere 19I’ve mentioned quite a few times that I enjoy creating and testing new teams. This section is where I’m going to document the testing of new teams that I come up with. As usual, some will be for fun, some will be more competitive. There’s not a set number of battles here, I’m just gonna play until I get a feel for a team. Then I’ll decide to keep it or not.

Tryouts #1: Snarly, Infested Bear Cub, Warbot
What’s better than a Bleeding opponent? A Bleeding opponent in a Minefield.

Tryouts #2: Darkmoon Tonk, Fiendish Imp, Blighthawk
My exploration into the world of Tonks.

Tryouts #3: Fiendish Imp, Warbot, Stone Armadillo
I’m looking for a good third member for a Minefield swap team. This mid level pet just might work.

Tryouts #5: Fiendish Imp, Warbot, Scalded Basilisk Hatchling
I’m still looking for that third member. Why not give my Basilisk a shot?

Tryouts #6: Spirit Crab, Mongoose Pup, Scalded Basilisk Hatchling
Let me put my three favorite pets together and see what happens.

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