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The pet of the month is a competition where readers submit teams using a certain pet and I battle with those teams in the queue. The winner receives a Blizzard store pet on me. The rules are always being honed so make sure to keep that in mind when reading about older months. Here are the links to all of the POTM competitions so far.

POTW #1 Imperial Eagle Chick, 14-16, Winner: Vek
POTW #2 Hopling, 27-8, Winner: Liwei
POTM #1 Son Of Sethe, 22-17-3, Winners: Wiff & Wamp
POTM #2 Frostwolf Ghostpup, 47-21-2, Winner: Zero
POTM #3 Teroclaw Hatchling, 71-18-1, Winner: Wamp
POTM #4 Fragment Of Anger, 130-15-2, Winner: Bullfeathers
POTM #5 Young Talbuk, 59-32-3, Winner: Liwei
POTM #6 Fox/Worg, 36-25, Winner: caloides
POTM #7 Servant Of Demidos, 66-32-4, Winner: Wiff
POTM #8 Stonegrinder, 66-11-2, Winner: Jon

For now the POTM is on hold, it has been replaced by the league. If you missed the sign up for the current season then keep a look out for the start of the next season.

Pet Battle League

Season One
One Wild Team To Rule Them All
Site link
Forum link
Season one spreadsheet link

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  1. Discodoggy says:

    I added this POTM tab in case anyone wants to easily check out the previous months.

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