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I wasn’t sure where to put all this stuff so I just made a page for random information.

These are the pet battle addons that I am currently using. To be honet, I’m really not sure which addon does what anymore, but I know I would be lost without Rematch and Derangement’s Pet Battle Cooldowns.

Auto Safari Hat
Battle Pet BreedID
Battle Pet Daily Tamer
Derangement’s Pet Battle Cooldowns
PetBattle Info
PetTracker Alerts
PetTracker Config
PetTracker Journal
PetTracker Switcher
PetTracker Upgrades

Thanks to all of the authors for making our WoW pet battling experience better. I get all my addons from curse.com (link on sidebar).

Other resources:
WoW Official Forums
Go share your opinions, the pet battle community is actually quite nice.

If you do any serious pet battling you need to go there, NOW! Contains so much useful information about breeds and pets.

Warcraft Battle Pets
An popular website and forum with a lot of resources and a large following. The “Pet Battles” subforum is where all the PvP action takes place.

Tamer Liopleurodon’s Battle Pet Roundup
Very well written with good information.

Perks N Peeves
Thoughts from one of the veteran collectors at Warcraft Pets.

Murloc Harbor
Has one of the most frequently referred to “An Awfully Big Adventure” guides. Some PvP info as well.

Pet Charge
Has a very well organized list of PvE tamer strategies.

Hiru’s YouTube channel.
A veteran YouTuber and battler that gives some great explanations in his videos.

Random Pet Info

All time favorite PvP pets:
1. Spirit Crab
2. Scalded Basilisk Hatchling
3. Fiendish Imp
4. Sen’Jin Fetish
5. Robo-Chick
6. Rabbit

Current Favorite PvP pets:
1. Wicked Soul
2. Ghastly Kid
3. Scalded Basilisk hatchling
4. Bone Serpent/Nightshade Sproutling

All time most hated pets:
1. Anubisath Idol
2. Magical Crawdad
3. Lil’ Ragnaros
4. Murkalot
5. Blossoming Ancient
6. Singing Sunflower
7. Teroclaw Hatchling

Things that really need to be changed
1. Murkalot’s Righteous Inspiration
2. Shell Armor*
3. even split AoE needs counters*
4. traps
5. Sleeping Gas/Frog Kiss*
more to come…
*good job Blizz

Hated Enemies
player name – team name – team
Twelvie – “I sucks the worsest” – Ghastly Kid, Death Adder Hatchling, Fiendish Imp
Pathetic excuse for a human being- “Hit Or Run” – Trunks, MPD, Xu-Fu
Terrible McBadsauce – “Triple luck cuz I’m triple horrible” – Lil’ Rag, Bonkers, Moth

Published July 2013, Patch 5.3
Last updated 11/04/16

4 Responses to Misc.

  1. Alludra says:

    Great site here! Lots of info and it’s easy to understand! Top work! Might wanna give your addons a look though, some have been discontinued. (I’m always on the lookout for new fun addons to make pet battling more fun!)

    Keep up the excellent work!

  2. Delmortis says:

    Is there a reason for you naming some pets “Breed”? For example a Highlands Skunk, a Masked Tanuki, a Masked Tanuki Pup and a Tiny Harvester?

    • Discodoggy says:

      Yes, I name pets “breed” when a better breed exists than the one I have. It’s a reminder that I need to go out an find a better breed of that pet.

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