July 22, 2015

The Quick Three
It’s all video today.

0:32 Hey Demidos. I quit!
Servant Of Demidos, Nether Fairie Dragon, Graves
vs. Bronze Whelpling, Unborn Val’kyr, Corefire Imp

8:14 The Dudes
Bone Serpent, Soul Of The Aspects, Nightshade Sproutling
vs. Graves, Alpine Hare, Chi-Chi

16:43 The Van Cordlandt Rangers
Mechanical Axebeak, Puddle Terror, Vengeful Porcupette
vs. Disgusting Oozeling, Emperor Crab, Sun Sproutling

9 Responses to July 22, 2015

  1. Liwei says:

    No comment about being forced to get used to Moonlight healing teams because of me I see. πŸ˜›

  2. Vek says:

    That really showcased the power of the Porcupette, when you are faster. When you get some lucky 3 hit flanks, ouch. 193 x 3, and that is even better against undead * 1.5. With spirit spikes it will also keep the racial longer. I have had a vengeful managed to kill a pet and then take out a full health stitched pup in two turns(a lucky double 3 hit with beast racial up). And another really nice thing is using powerball to be faster than a bird and then throw up spirit spikes. I have had Chi-Chi killing itself on spirit spikes many times, they get hit for 500+ per fire-quill hit.

    Mechanical Axebeak looked like a really great partner with decoy and Peck to take out troublesome crustaceans.

  3. I ran out of pets to level again, who calls out a nice one to ding? :)

    (armor link in name)

    • Kayhos says:

      I suggest:
      Moonshell Crab because it’s shiny
      Crimson Geode because it has Elementium Bolt, who doesn’t want Deathwing’s attacks ?

      You can suggest a couple to level also πŸ˜›

  4. Josh says:

    Yay, my team forced someone to run away. Lack of an avoid may hurt me as it did last month, however.

  5. Josh says:

    Also, you accidently replicated your opponent for your second match in the write-up. You actually fought Graves, a rabbit and Chi-Chi. Close battle, that one!

    Finally, your third battle was in fact against Sun Sproutling, Shore Crab and Oily Slimeling.

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