Random PvP Tips

Whenever I discover or remember a neat tip I’ll post it here.

Tip #1
Use a combination Lift-Off along with Adrenaline Rush and you can make yourself unhittable for two turns. For example, on your last turn of Adrenaline Rush (when you are faster than your opponent) use Lift-Off to fly up into the air. Your opponent’s attack will miss you that turn. Now your Adrenaline Rush will wear off, you’re slower than your opponent, making them attack first while you are still in the air. Works similarly with Dive and Burrow.

Tip #2
Always losing to roaches casting Apocalypse? Swap out one of your pets right before it’s going to die, then keep it in your backline. Bring it out as Apocalypse is falling to take the big hit. You essentially “wasted” their apocalypse on a low health pet. Just beware of any pets with AoEs that can kill the low health pet. Magic pets can survive Apocalypse due to their racial ability.

Tip #3
Forced swap moves like Sweep, Nether Gate, and Death Grip are a good way to deal with the powerful Undead racial ability. Save your swap move until the undead has low hp. Then use the swap to “kill” the undead (take it to 0 hp). Doing this will make it come back to life for its immortal turn on the back line, where it can’t attack.

Tip #4
If you know you’re going to get hit by a big attack (a “nuke”) and have no avoidance moves like Dodge or Dive, try putting in a soft counter to the move.
For example, if you are about to get hit with Elementium Bolt (a Magic attack) then swap in an Undead pet since Magic attacks are weak versus Undead. You’ll still take some damage, just not as much.

Tip #5
Cauterize is a great way to gain back some of the damage cause by a Minefield. Just make sure that your pet is faster than the current pet so that you can use Cauterize before taking another hit. Why? Because it heals a flat amount plus half o the last hit taken.

I’ve been less than diligent about posting tips.  If you have a tip you’d like to share then leave a comment below and I’ll add it to the list.  Or you can email me at discodoggywow@gmail.com.

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