Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, I have covered different ways of creating synergy within your PvP pet team. To create a PvP team, pick a pet you like. Then pick the two remaining pets in order to create the following:

A. Coverage
B. Diverse Family Attacks
C. Effect Synergy
D. Weather Synergy
E. Diverse Damage Types
F. Breed Synergy

Other things you need to consider are:

G. Mitigation
H. Damage Ranges
I. The Meta Game
J. Top Pets

You do not need to have all of these, but usually more is better.

In the future you may find that you like some of these synergies more than others and you can build teams around just a few of them. That’s great, develop your own style. I started with coverage teams, then branched out to diversifying my family attacks. Lately I have been having a lot of fun and success with effect synergies.

I suggest just starting with one or two from the list above and then braching out later. It might be hard to get all of these synergies on one team, but go ahead and try if you like.

Now that you have your team go queue up!

published March 2013, patch 5.2
major edit April 2014, patch 5.4
minor edit December 2014, patch 6.0, changed Accuracy section to Damage Ranges and changed Top Pets section

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