C. Effects

A different type of synergy is based on effects. There are many moves in the game that add effects to the pets. Let’s pick the example of the bleeding effect. There is a beast attack called Rip that does a minimal amount of damage but puts a DoT and an effect called “bleeding” on the opponent. There are other attacks that have increased damage against or increased chance to hit a bleeding target. Blood In The Water is a powerful attack that normally has a high chance to miss but always hits if the target is bleeding. Maul does extra damage if the target is bleeding.

You can now take this effect and try to create a team around it. Let’s say you choose Snarly to start with, who has both Rip and Blood In The Water. You will then choose either another pet that has Blood In The Water/Maul or another pet that can apply the bleeding effect. You could choose Dun Morogh Cub because he has the move Maul. Now not only does Snarly benefit from the Bleeding effect, the Cub can really pack a punch on bleeding targets with Maul.

Ok, you have Snarly and the Dun Morogh Cub. Next you have a tough choice. Do you want to provide some coverage for Snarly or the Dun Morogh Cub? Or do you want to create more effect synergy by including another Rip or Maul? You could choose a Hyjal Bear Cub (beast) or Infested Bear Cub (undead) with Maul. Out of these two choices you should pick the Infested Bear Cub because it is undead and you already have a beast. Or you could choose a Squirrel so that you have another pet to apply bleeding. So many choices. After you make those choices you can then try to diversify your family attacks or provide some coverage by choosing the appropriate moves for each pet.

Just a reminder in case you forgot, this isn’t a guide about how awesome bleeding and Maul are. It’s supposed to help you create your own team. Go find another effect and build a team around it. Others types of effects are blinded, plagued blood, burning and chilled to name a few.

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