Diverse Family Attacks

B. Diverse Family Attacks

Ok, you have a team that has coverage, what’s next. Depending on what moves you choose you may need to spread out the strong attacks onto different families. Let’s continue with Example 1 above. The Robo-Chick is used to kill beasts so you need to chose a mechanical attack. But there are three slots to choose moves from.

In the first slot you can choose between Batter and Peck. The second slot is a choice between a self-buff and a heal. The third choice is between Wind-Up and Supercharge. All of the attacks are mechanical except for Peck (a flying attack). For that reason you would choose Peck over Batter. Why? You will still get the strong attack against beasts with Wind-Up, but now you are better equipped to handle more families. Not only will beasts cower at the Wind-Up but any aquatics will now fear the Robo-Chick and his flying attack Peck!

Unfortunately, this is not as clear cut as it may seem. By relying on Wind-Up as your sole mechanical attack you are now telegraphing the move (it is a charge up, two turn attack) and any potential beast victims can swap out. For every choice there is a trade-off, but in most cases having more types of attacks is a good thing.

The goal with diverse family attacks is to have strong attacks against as many families as possible. If you want to give up some coverage and focus on diversifying your family attacks you can always exchange a pet used for coverage with a pet that has three different family attacks. Some pets have more than three different family attacks to choose from. The Nether Ray Fry can choose form six!

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