September 7, 2016

Team Focus: Abby McHeals
S/S Fiendish Imp (Burn, Immolation, Nether gate)
H/H Scourged Whelpling (Tail Sweep, Death and Decay, Plagued Blood)
P/S Crystalline Broodling (Rend, Drain Blood, Burrow)

I played much better today but still made some dumb mistakes:
A) said I was doing Disco’s Three but instead did a team focus
B) named my team Abby McHeals instead of Ally McHeals
Eternal dumbass :)

vs. Graves, Teroclaw Hatchling, Crusher
What a tough start!

vs. Fiendish Imp, Bronze Whelpling, Lovebird Hatchling
I’m sure I’ve faced this team before, I’m sure I’ve lost to it before.

vs. The Warriors (Macabre Marionette, Vengeful Porcupette, Puddle Terror)
I ended up with a very favorable match-up.

vs. Enchanted Broom, Kun-Lai Runt, Jade Oozeling
I still have a healthy respect for the KLR.

vs. Fire Beetle, Elfin Rabbit, Feral Vermling
Damn rabbit was faster than all of my pets.

2 Responses to September 7, 2016

  1. Ecchicon says:

    Ally (not Abby) McBeal is actually a very funny show. Give it another chance.

    • Discodoggy says:

      Haven’t logged here in a long time, sorry to wait so long for comment approval.

      Ok, if I ever see some reruns on I won’t dismiss it.

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