September 28, 2013

Today’s Team: Acid Bath
P/S Corefire Imp (Burn, Immolation, Wild Magic)
P/P Jade Oozeling (Absorb, Corrosion, Acidic Goo)
H/P Shimmershell Snail (Absorb, Acidic Goo, Head Butt)

The Strategy:
This team is all about a few DoTs and damage enhancement. I’ll put up Immolation and Wild Magic with my Imp then swap out to either the Oozeling or Snail depending on what I’m facing. Then I’ll apply Acidic Goo/Corrosion. The Immolation will be amplified by the other DoTs; Acidic Goo increases damage by 25% and Corrosion increases damage taken by 34. These are all somewhat minor increases in damage but when they are stacked the effect can be brutal. Both of the Absorbs will hopefully keep my pets alive.

This team is slow with the Imp being the fastest at an unimpressive 289 speed. Since I’m somewhat dependent on healing Darkness can give me problems. Another thing is that anyone who knows its capabilities will swap once they get Wild Magic put on them.

The Opposing Team:
P/P Lil’ Deathwing
P/P Mini Diablo
P/P Harbinger of Flame
That’s a lot of P’s. With some Darkness, too.

The Battle:
092813DIt’s been awhile since I fought a Mini Diablo, I completely forgot about its undead attacks. After it cast Darkness and I put Immolation I would have swapped if I remembered, but I didn’t. Not just an undead attack, but a undead root in the form of Bone Prison. I got Bone Prisoned after I applied Wild Magic, oops. With all that power I know I’m screwed. I miss my Burn and one more Bone Prison means the end of the Imp.

092813GMany people I have face would run away at this point. I’ve lost a pet and Mini Diablo hasn’t even taken 200 damage yet, it certainly looks bleak. Having played with the Oozeling enough I know how fast it can mow pets down. Especially if my opponent is overconfident and stays in with Wild Magic up. Well, that’s exactly what happened. I put up Acicid Goo and Corrosion and the Mini Diablo is dead, it’s that fast when interacting with Wild Magic. I should mention that Mini Diablo only has 1156 hp, that surely was a factor.

092813FHere comes Lil’ Deathwing, a pet that’s on my most hated list. Deathwing Shadowflames me twice for the kill (one wasn’t enough due the magic racial) but I get Acidic Goo and Corrosion up. My snail is up next, Cataclysm misses and a Head Butt plus the Oozeling’s DoT’s kills Deathwing. Eight rounds gone and we’re both down to our last pet. 092813HThe Harbinger comes in and I’m feeling good about this match-up until I get hit with a strong Impale. If only he had Conflagrate like I thought. I put up Acidic Goo and spam my strong Absorb to help keep me alive. I take an Immolate and another Impale, it’s going to be a close one. I rejoice as my Head Butt kills the Harbinger, then I watch my Snail die to a tick of Immolate and the battle is a draw. Gotta love those thirteen round super fast battles.

I have to say neither of really deserved a win. I made the huge mistake of not swapping out my Imp on the second round, my opponent made the huge mistake of not swapping out Mini Diablo when Wild Magic was up. The draw seems like a fair result.

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