September 26, 2013

Today’s Team: Harmony
P/P Xu-Fu (Spirit Claws, Feed, Prowl)
H/S Harmonious Porcupette (Scratch, Celestial Blessing, Tranquility)
S/S Nether Fairie Dragon (Arcane Blast, Dodge, Moonfire)

This team is based around the weather Moonlight. Moonlight increases healing done by 25% and increases the damage done by Magical abilities by 10%. Xu-Fu’s main attack Spirit Claws hits 100% of the time in Moonlight.

The plan is to get Moonlight up with the Nether Fairie Dragon, do some damage while Dodging then swap out. I don’t want to keep it in too long because it’s a fragile pet. If it’s not able to Dodge then it goes down fast. I’ll let the Dodge and Moonlight recharge.

Most likely I’ll try to swap to the Harmonious Porcupette, which is on this team for support. The Porcupette will put up Tranquility. I’ll do as much damage as possible while I heal from Tranquility. The most important thing is that I get Celestial Blessing down for Xu-Fu. Xu-Fu is powerful but also fragile. Its slow and only has 1400 hp. In order to keep it alive and dishing out damage it’s going to need the shield from Celestial Blessing. Feed will heal it, but at 90% I don’t want to rely on Feed hitting.

As with any weather based teams your worst enemy is other weathers. With only one pet to apply Moonlight I’ll need to be careful. Mechs are going to give me a serious problem. They are a soft counter to my magic attacks and a Hard counter to Xu-Fu.

The Opposing Team:
P/P Lil’ Ragnaros
H/H Frosty
H/S Fel Flame
Two weather changes, bad. No mechs, good. And what’s up with all the Elementals on my meta lately?

The Battle:
092613DI had a plan, I’m going to immediately deviate from it. I don’t own Frosty so I can’t quite say why, but almost every Frosty user starts with Frosty. It’s not as certain as an Imp user starting with an Imp, but it’s close. I decide to start with my Porcupette since Scratch is a Critter attack. There’s the added bonus of being able to use Celestial Blessing to mitigate the damage from Frost Tomb. My experience pays off, my opponent starts with Frosty. I Scratch for 400+ damage and Frosty uses Frostbite. Now I’m not too worried because I’ve only seen Frostbite used effectively once (and not on this type of team), it’s not generally a good choice over Frost Tomb. My opponent puts up Blizzard and then swaps to Lil’ Ragnaros.

092613BI’m expecting a Trap but Rag immediately goes under by using Sons Of The Flame. All these little attacks from Frostbite and Sons are staring to add up, but at least I have some useful actions to perform. Sons can be annoying when you only have attack moves and just have to sit there and pass while taking damage, but I’m able to use Celestial Blessing and Tranquility. Having used my two support moves I should swap out and let them recharge so I go to the Nether Fairie Dragon.

092613CThe Fairie Dragon came back in and got the Blessing. Now I don’t want to use my Dodge as that would be a waste of the Blessing. After a Conflagrate Frosty comes back in and repeats Frostbite and Blizzard. I’m able to take Frosty out thanks to the shielding and a Dragonkin racial, then I Dodge when Rag comes back in. Thanks to another Dragonkin racial Rag also went down to the Fairie Dragon.092613E Now the Flame comes in and it’s clean up time. I do some damage with the Fairie Dragon until it dies, bring in the Porcupette for its support moves, then in comes Xu-Fu. Now the Flame has to deal with a shielded Xu-Fu in Moonlight who’s getting heals from Tranquility. It had no chance. A Prowled Spirit Claws takes the Flame out easily.

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