September 25, 2013

Today’s Team: One Deadly Venom
S/S Death Adder Hatchling (Poison Fang, Puncture Wound, Blinding Poison)
H/H Scourged Whelpling (Tail Sweep, Death and Decay, Plagued Blood)
P/P Son Of Animus (Metal Fist, Touch Of The Animus, Extra Plating)

Similar to yesterday’s team, this team is based upon the healing powers of Plagued Blood and Touch Of The Animus. The DoT ticks from Death and Decay will heal the Scourged Whelpling while the ticks from Poison will heal the Adder.

I will try to start with the Scourged Whelpling. Death and Decay has a nine round CD so I want to get that down first along with Plagued Blood. I always take Tail Sweep on my Scourged Whelpling because it is usually slower than the opposing pets so Tail Sweep will hit twice. This will mean I get three heals from Plagued Blood, one for each swipe and one for Death and Decay. I plan to do a few Tail Swipes and take some damage then swap out to the Adder.

The Adder will use Blinding Poison and Puncture Wound to start off. The Blind effect will cause my opponent to miss. Then I’ll use Poison Fang to apply the DoT and swap. Now I have the choice of brining the Animus in or going back to the Scourged Whelpling.

When Animus comes in its job is to put up Touch of the Animus while the DoTs from the other pets are still active. Touch does huge healing, close to 200 per tick. The Animus can also do a decent job of staying alive with Extra Plating and benefitting from its own Touch.

That’s the plan, hopefully it will work out like this. Most of the time it doesn’t and that’s part of the fun of pet battles.

As with any DoT team Sandstorm and shields are your enemies. The Adder is squishy with its 1319 hp, but hopefully the 100% Blind will help it stay alive.

The Opposing Team:
H/H Ruby Droplet
H/S Pandaren Water Spirit
H/P Skunky Alemental
I’m scared of that Water Spirit with its double nuke.

The Battle:
092513AI see no reason at this point to deviate from my original plan so I start with my Scourged Whelpling. My opponent starts with the Pandaren Water Spirit. I know what’s coming, the Geyser and Whirlpool combo. I lament not having an avoid, then I get a bright idea. I put up my Death and Decay and Plagued Blood then swap to my Death Adder. When the Geyser/Whirlpool is about to hit I use Blinding Poison. Miss miss miss. My snake is safe from that crazy combo.

092513DMy opponent switches to the Skunky Alemental which takes the single hit from Punctured Wounds on the swap. I use Poison Fang to get my DoT ticking and swap to my Animus. Now let’s get this awesome strategy going. My snake is about to be healed for so much due to my super awesome strategy. I fire off the Touch… and it misses. I guess I won’t be getting those heals after all. And to make matters worse I now have an Explosive Brew on me. I use Extra Plating to mitigate some of the incoming Explosive Brew and I swap back to my scourged Whelpling to start it all over again.

092513HThe DoTs have taken their toll on the Skunky Alemental, my Scourged Whelpling was able to take it out fairly quickly, but not before it applied Mudslide and put another Explosive Brew up. I was also able to get a tick of Plagued Blood plus Poison, at least part of my plan worked. Now the Water Elemental comes in to apply the nuke combo and I decided to sacrifice the Scourged Whelpling. If I can last long enough I can eat all three of the nukes. That plan works very well. While the Water Spirit is wasting turns applying all of this overkill I whittle it down with Tail Sweeps. The timing is perfect, I kill the Water Sprit right as the nukes go off and take me to 0 hp. I’m stunned for my Undead round but who cares, mission accomplished.

092513GI’m still not done yet, I have a slightly over half health Adder and a half health Animus for the full health H/H Ruby Droplet. It turns out it was easier than I thought. The two round Blind keeps me safe while allowing Punctured Wounds to hit twice, I use Poison Fang a couple times then run through the cycle again. The Ruby Droplet has shown itself to be a decent pet so far, but its heals can’t keep up with the damage from the Adder and the Death and Decay which is still down. Again the poor Animus wasn’t that useful.

I had an awesome plan to start, it didn’t work out like I wanted it to but I got the victory. I would say mostly because of the wasted nukes from the Pandaren Water Spirit: one combo was made to miss by my Blind, the other was unnecessary overkill. This was my first team with a Death Adder Hatchling and I’m impressed. I’m not sure how it will perform outside of a Plagued Blood team but it’ll be fun trying to find another good fit for it.

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