September 24, 2013

Today’s Team: Ruby Brothers
H/S Ruby Droplet (Acid Touch, Bubble, Plagued Blood)
S/S Fiendish Imp (Burn, Immolation, Nether Gates)
P/P Son Of Animus (Metal Fist, Touch Of The Animus, Extra Plating)


This team is all about using Plagued Blood and Touch Of The Animus to heal from Immolation and Acid Touch. My plan is to start with the Imp and put up Immolation. Then I will Burn my opponent and let my Imp take some damage. Why would I want it to take damage? It’s going to get healed be the Immolation ticks, they still do damage if the Imp is on the back line. Every time the Immolation hits it will trigger the human racial, healing the Imp for 4% of its health.

When I swap out the Imp I will most likely go to the Ruby Droplet. I’ll apply the Acid Touch DoT then Plagued Blood. Plagued Blood heals any pet that does damage to the pet that Plagued Blood is applied to. Now the Immolation ticks will heal the Imp twice. Once due to the Humanoid racial, once due to Plagued Blood. The Ruby Droplet will also be getting healed by its DoT. At this point I’ll either swap or Bubble and reapply my DoT and Plagued Blood.

Where does the Son Of Animus come in? I plan to use the same strategy of back line healing for the Imp with Touch of The Animus. Touch is a more powerful but shorter duration version of Plagued Blood. If somehow I can get Plagued Blood, Acid Touch, Touch Of The Animus and Immolation all up at the same time then the healing is insane.

Since this team relies so heavily on DoTs Sandstorm or shields could be a problem.

The Opposing Team:
H/H Anubisath Idol
P/S Ominous Flame
H/P Skunky ALemental
Sandstorm and two pets that I’m not very familiar with. A lot could go wrong.

The Battle
092413AI start out with my Imp and my opponent starts with the Idol. I always hate this first round of Imp versus Idol. If I Gate I can get Deflected and there goes my most useful move. If I don’t Gate and the Idol puts up Sandstorm then my DoT is seriously gimped. I guessed they would Deflect so I didn’t Gate, but they put up Sandstorm. Internet 1, Discodoggy 0. All is not lost, thanks to the recent nerf I only have five rounds of Sandstorm to deal with instead of nine. I stay in with the Imp and its Burn versus Crush. I hit all my Burns, the Idol hits all except for one Crush and uses its Deflection. Before it can Sandstorm again I Gate it out. No sand for you!

092413BNow I have this Ominous Flame to deal with. Honestly I have no idea what to expect, I don’t know its moves at all. All I know is that it’s an Elemental. I have some health to spare with my Imp so I gamble with its life. The Ominous Flame changes the weather to Scorched Earth and the Imp survives. It’s coming back to me now, I should expect a Conflagrate soon. I swap to my Ruby Droplet and the Conflag misses. Well, 95% is 95%, it’s bound to miss eventually. Not wanting to take my Acid Touch, my opponent swaps back to the Idol which takes the hit on the swap. I’m faster so my Plagued Blood goes first and takes the Idol out. Not a good swap in my opinion, now they are Idolless.

092413CThe Skunky Alemental comes in. I use Acid Touch and get pounded with a strong Brew Bolt for 656 damage, ouch. I Bubble then use Plagued Blood, now I’m getting some healing while I block an attack. My Imp is getting some nice heals from the Immolation and Plagued Blood while all this is happening. I take another Brew Bolt and then kill off the Alemental with a final Acid Touch. The Ominous Flame comes in and I damage it for two rounds (thanks to another miss) before my Droplet dies, then finish it off with the Imp. I didn’t even use the Animus.

Only using two pets classifies this as an easy win, but the rng was in my favor. That missed Conflagrate was a big factor. I only saw a fragment of my team’s healing potential since I didn’t use Touch Of The Animus. Next time Mech, next time.

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