September 23, 2015

Hundred Win Club Induction: The Warriors
H/P Macabre Marionette (Macabre Maraca, Death And Decay, Bone Barrage)
P/S Aqua Terror (Water Jet, Clobber, Dive)
H/P Vengeful Porcupette (Powerball, Spirit Spikes, Flank)

The Warriors were created when I tried the Macabre Marionette as a third to the aquatic and the beast on 7/20/15. I didn’t know that this would be the team that got the most mileage out of those teams. The Punks, The Grammercy Riffs and The Turnbull AC’s all fell by the wayside as I continued to play the Warriors. There’s just something really fun about winning with three pets that aren’t used often, at least on my meta. Of course none of them are on the first or second tier, which makes winning even sweeter.

If you’ve watched any of my videos over the past few months then you’ve probably heard me talk about The Warriors a lot already, so I’ll keep it short. The Macabre Marionette is used for taking down decoys and soaking damage. The Puddle Terror is used for its undead AoE resilience and for its 289 speed Clobber. The Vengeful Porcupette is used to take out undead quickly and surprise unsuspecting opponents with its speed boost and Spirit Spikes. So far these guys are 97-34-1 so I only need three wins to make it to the special club. Let’s do it!

Battle 133
win vs. Flayer Youngling, Royal Moth, Oily Slimeling
092315AI started with the puppet thinking that my opponent would star with the moth, but instead came the slime. That’s the match-up that I wanted the least for my undead pet since it could do strong damage to the humanoid and also be used to withstand the initial onslaught of the moth. I laid down my field effects, then swapped to the beast to get its speed up. After taking out the slime the moth came in. I went back to the puppet and it got the job of getting the flyer below its racial line done. The Vengeful Porcupette finished of the moth and the flayer, leaving my Puddle Terror to watch.
Record: 98-34-1

Battle 134
win vs. Molten Corgi, Core Hound Pup, Iron Starlette
092315BI was able to partially navigate around the super nuke of the Iron Starlette. I started with my puppet against the mech. It loaded its Wind-Up as I dropped the bones. I then took a chance by swapping in my Puddle Terror, hoping that it would cast Supercharge. Supercharge was indeed cast on the swap, so the next round I was able to use Clobber to waste the buff. Later on, when Supercharge and Wind-Up were used again I brought in my puppet to eat the damage then drop some more bones. I was once again able to two-pet this battle, this time it was the porc that got the lawn chair and popcorn treatment.
Record: 99-34-1

Battle 135
win vs. Lil’ Tarecgosa, Blackfuse Bombling, Creepy Crate
092315EMy Macabre Marionette is sitting there with around nine hundred health against Lil’ Tarecgosa with a dragonking racial and a Surge of Power all ready to go. I was getting ready for the draw when my opponent… didn’t bring me to zero with Surge Of Power! I was able to take out the dragon on the next round for the win. Too bad I hit the milestone on an opponent’s mistake, but hey, I’ll take it. Congrats team!
Record: 100-34-1


4 Responses to September 23, 2015

  1. Vapid says:

    Grats Disco! I just hit 4000 wins myself and celebrated by beating an @#%& in my meta who elects to name his pets Cryontheforumho, etc (I am assuming this player is male). Anyway this player likes speed pets like the Stunted Direhorn and S/S fox with dazzling dance.

    A good team I grant you, but the players childish selection in names aggravates me. To that end I am happy to showcase the team I use to counter 100% of the time with success.

    Eye of Observation
    Lifelike Mechanical Boar
    Emp Crab

    All three are P/P variety with their respective attack first moves like surge negating the direhorn slow and trample and the fox dazzling and flurry.

    The team is marginal against aoe meta types, but I have beaten a Graves and MPD combo before.

    • Discodoggy says:

      It’s rewarding enough to beat people with names like that, but to do so with an Eye of Observation makes it that much better. I haven’t used the eye much, there’s so many cool pets out there waiting to be discovered :)

  2. Josh says:

    Maybe make the Eye a future POTM?

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