September 23, 2013

Today’s Team: Funlight
B/B Blossoming Ancient (Ironbark, Photosynthesis, Sunlight)
P/P Ashleaf Spriteling (Poisoned Branch, Solar Beam, Entangling Roots)
P/P Xu-Fu (Spirit Claws, Feed, Prowl)

This is Sunlight based team. Sunlight boosts all of the pet’s maximum hp by 50%. Sunlight also buffs healing in general and Photosynthesis specifically by making it heal twice as much. I’m going to start with the Blossoming Ancient and use Sunlight. Then I’ll use Photosynthesis to heal and swap to the Spriteling.

I’m still not sure about how I want to use the Spriteling. I’ll definitely try to nuke something with Solar Beam, but how do I want to go about that? I could try to do a lot of damage with Punch and then use Solar Beam right before I die. Or I could use the DoT then Solar Beam and let the Humanoid racial heal me while I’m recovering. In case you didn’t know after you use Solar Beam you can’t swap or take any actions for the next two rounds. I’m taking Poisoned Branch (the DoT) instead of Punch and I’m going to try and stay alive. Hopefully I can live to get another Beam off.

With Xu-Fu the strategy is simpler. Do some serious damage. When Sunlight increases the maximum hp of each pet it helps out the Beast racial. How? Beasts get a 25% attack bonus when they are below 50% health, so having a larger health pool means they will get that bonus sooner. Feed’s healing will be buffed by Sunlight.

All of my synergy is based on Sunlight. With only one pet than can apply Sunlight I will be in trouble if there is a pet that can change the weather. Anytime you use Sunlight (or Moonlight) you run the risk of running into another team with heals and buffing them along with yourself.

The Opposing Team:
S/S Fiendish Imp
P/P Sunreaver Micro-Sentry
P/B Onyxian Whelpling
Both a weather changer and a healer, I’m gonna have to be on my game.

The Battle:
I wasn’t sure what my opponent was going to start with, the Imp or the Micro-Sentry. I started with my Blossoming Ancient in the hopes they would started with the Micro-Sentry to put up Lightning, and that’s what happened. Off to a good start.

092313HI was faster than the Micro-Senrty so I had to be careful when to use my Sunlight. If I use it first then the Micro-Senrty can come right back and change the weather to Lightning. I was patient; the opposing Mech used Extra Plating then Fel Immolate before they used Lightning so I used Photosynthesis and Ironbark. I finally used my Sunlight, the Mech swapped out for the Imp.

092313GThe Imp immediately Gated out my Ancient and in came Xu-Fu. I Prowled while the Imp used Immolation. Here’s where the battle was decided. The Imp should have swapped out and let Immolation and Sunlight heal it up, but instead the Imp Burned me. I used Feed. The Imp was killed by my buffed Feed and the healing sent me to 2100 hp.

092313EThe Sunreaver Micro-Sentry came back in so I brought in my Ancient. The opening sequence repeated itself with me winning the weather war. The Onyxian Whelpling came in for the Mech so I brought in my Spriteling to take on the Dragonkin. It took a Tail Sweep on the swap then a massive Solar Beam almost took the Whelpling out. One more racialed Tail Sweep was all it took to take out the Spriteling, that little guy is fragile at 1319 hp. Xu-Fu came in to Feed and kill the Whelpling, after that the Micro-Sentry was easy to finish off.

This battle was decided by two things: me being patient enough to hold off on using Sunlight and by the Imp’s mistake of not back lining to heal through the human racial. I think I deserved the win.

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