September 10, 2014

Five Wins Or Bust

Battle 1: A Dreadful Encounter
Droplet Of Y’Shaarj, Scourged Whelpling, Snarly
vs. Core Hound Pup, Dark Whelpling, Emerald Proto Whelp

091014ASometimes the queue loves you, sometimes it hates you. It definitely hated my opponent this battle. Out of the blue I decided to run a Dreadful Breath team and I got two dragonkin to breath on. It doesn’t get much easier than that. Just to be safe I swapped out when Shattered Defenses was up, but other than that it was a case of watching the two dragons die on the back line to Dreadful Breath spam. I never used Snarly. What compelling gameplay!
Record: 1-0

Battle 2: Flaming Gobbo
Treasure Goblin, Fel Flame, Scourged Whelpling
vs. Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling, Lesser Voidcaller, Ji-Kun Hatchling

091014BI was feeling lucky after my first battle so I went with a fun team. The queue didn’t fail me and gave me this team to face. The Lesser Voidcaller started by putting up a barrier then passing, hoping to force me to break it. That strategy annoys me, but in this case I had cast Scorched Earth so the magic pet was taking strong ticks. After a couple of passes my opponent realized their folly and took the barrier down. A strong Flame Breath and another Scorched Earth saw the voidcaller die fast. I got off to such a good start that even the mech dragon didn’t give me much grief. My Scourged Whelpling and Fel Flame took care of business so for the second battle in a row I only needed two pets.
Record: 2-0

Battle 3: Junk Yard Vermin
Fel Flame, Son Of Animus, Prairie Mouse
vs. Jademist Dancer, Terrible Turnip, Celestial Dragon

091014CRage. Nothing but rage. My whole strategy is based around Touch Of The Animus. It missed. Thank you pet battle designer who decided to make CDs less that 100% accuracy. This is one of those cases where if it wasn’t for PAR I would be writing angry emails (or even worse forum posts) about how Touch Of The Animus always misses. It’s hitting at 94.06% with an expected 94.6% in 101 attempts. It’s missed six times out of 101, which isn’t quite always. So anyways, I had the Fel Flame all set up for some healing from both the weather and the DoT when the miss occurred. I was attempting a valiant comeback when a crit took out my mouse before I cast survival. Sucks to be me, at least in this battle.
Record: 2-1

Battle 4: Party Party Party
Tiny Twister, Lil’ Bling, Macabre Marionette
vs. Nordrassil Wisp, Death Adder Hatchling, Death Adder Hatchling

After getting pounded by lightning and Bone Barrage through the blind my opponent fled. They left before I could grab a screen shot.
Record: 3-1

Battle 5: X-Visitors
Yu’la, Ravager Hatchling, Spirit Crab
vs. Jademist Dancer, Terrible Turnip, Celestial Dragon

091014FYay a chance at some revenge. This is one of the few times where I was saying “please crit me, please crit me”. I wanted the Jademist Dancer to crit so my dragon could have less hp when it cast Life Exchange. The crit came through and Yu’la got off a +/- 519 hp exchange. Nice. Yu’la still died to the elemental, but the shielded Ravager Hatchling was able to take it out with a Devour for even more healing. After that the other two pets were easy for my Spirit Crab and Ravager Hatchling.
Record: 4-1

Battle 6:
Feindish Imp, Spirit Crab, Sen’Jin Fetish
vs. Jademist Dancer, Wild Jade Hatchling, Death Talon Whelpguard
091014GIt should have been an easy win but I played possibly the worst battle that I have ever played. I let the dragon put up Cyclone and Lightning and then swapped in the Jademist Dancer for my opponent. Hilarious. I didn’t even cleanse the Cyclone when I had the chance. I was trying to get a quick win in before I went to dinner but my head was obviously not in it. Now it’ll have to wait until I get back. My opponent must think I’m such a dumb ass.
Record: 4-2

Battle 7: Ghost On Ghost Violence
Lost Of Lordaeron, Spirit Crab, Death Adder Hatchling
vs. Gilnean Raven, Frosty, Snarly

091014JFour hours later I wanted to get an easy win so I went with a snake/crab team. It would have been much easier if my adder had Blinding Poison. What the hell was it doing with Burrow? Apparently four hours and an awesome dinner couldn’t stop my fail from the last battle from carrying over. I tried to make the best of it but was headed for a draw when the Gilnean Raven missed the kill shot on my Spirit Crab. I was able to squeak by with a win. I love when accuracy reducers reduce themselves right out of a win, or at least a draw in this case. What a funny night. Looking back it looks like I had some luck on my side. The best thing about today was not encountering a single valk.
Record: 5-2

2 Responses to September 10, 2014

  1. Noel says:

    You’d be surprised how many times I’ve done moves that I *knew* were terrible at least instantly after doing them…what a dumbass lol. Glad to know its not just me :)

    Now to try to get some “proud” moments to overshadow the dumb ones…

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