October 8, 2013

Today’s Team: The Love Tank
P/P Emerald Proto-Whelp (Emerald Bite, Ancient Blessing, Emerald Dream)
H/S Harmonious Porcupette (Scratch, Celestial Blessing, Tranquility)
H/H Spirit Crab (Snap, Whirlpool, Shell Shield)

I was recently reminded that I haven’t used the Emerald Proto-Whelp much lately. I tried the EPW on a few teams but I felt that it had too low of a health pool; I got bursted down too many times and I stopped using it. I wanted to give it another try but I needed to figure out a way to prolong its sometimes short life. Then it hit me: Celestial Blessing. Give this pet a 50% damage reduction for three rounds and see what happens. Even better, give it some extra healing through Tranquility and let it loose to mow down opponents with that 341 power.

The Harmonious Porcupette is once again here for the support moves. It has Scratch for the plethora of undead running around but I would actually like to keep it alive as long as possible to get off more Blessings and Tranquilities. The plan is to start with the Porcupette to first cast Blessing then Tranquility before swapping to whichever other pet seems appropriate. I’m not sure how it’ll play out with the Spirit Crab. Maybe the Celestial Blessing will be overkill, but why not try to make a tanky pet even tankier.

I figure if I can get two or even three Blessings off then the power of the Crab and EPW will have time to take down opposing pets.

As with any 90% move there’s always a chance that the EPW will miss a crucial blow.

The Opposing Team:
P/P Sunreaver Micro-Sentry
H/H Anubisath Idol
B/B Electrified Razortooth

The Battle:
100813BThere are an awful lot of Micro-Sentries running around my meta, I’m not sure why. That pet has never impressed me. I start with my Porcupette as planned to apply Blessing and Tranquility, my opponent starts with the Micro-Sentry which uses Lightning and Haywire. My EPW only has one attack which is weak versus mechs but I don’t want it to face the Idol and its humanoid attacks. I’ll have to face one of them so I make the call to face the Idol with my EPW, leading me to bring in my Crab for the Blessing.

100813FThe Crab now has a 50% damage reduction so I decide to go without shields for a few rounds in the hopes of taking out the Micro-Sentry quickly. Thanks to a missed Snap it takes me a bit longer than expected but the Crab wins and doesn’t have to use its undead racial. With the damage that the Porcupette took from Lightning in the beginning and the mighty Spirit Crab almost out of it I’m feeling behind, especially with the Idol still to come. Perhaps this Blessing idea wasn’t so grand.

100813EThe Idol comes out and when I see the incoming Rupture I think “stun and it’s gg”. Rng decided to keep things fair and make up for my 95% miss earlier with a missed Rupture. My Snap hits then I Snap again next turn after being brought to 0 hp. I use my undead turn to throw down a Whirlpool, now things are interesting. The Porcupette comes in to apply both of its support moves before dying. I’m left with an EPW with a nice buff to face the Idol and its anti-dragon Crush while theres a full health Razortooth waiting to come out. I prepare for pain as the I see the Idol rumbling towards my dragon but the Idol veers to the side with a miss. When you spam an 80% accuracy Crush you have to expect this. My Emerald Bite hits, activating my dragonkin racial which allowed me to take out the Idol before he got off another attck. That wasn’t so bad now, I didn’t lose any hp. The Razortooth died easily to Emerald Bite spam, ending what I thought might be a loss. That missed Rupture was huge.

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