October 7, 2013

Today’s Team: Borey McSnoozepants
H/H Emperor Crab (Snap, Renewing Mists, Shell Shield)
H/P Mountain Skunk (Scratch, Perk Up, Bleat)
B/B Blossoming Ancient (Ironbark, Photosynthesis, Sunlight)

Thank you Unborn Val’kyr for turning me into something I hate! I have never been a fan of stall teams like this. My other Sunlight teams are based around the Ashleaf Spriteling hitting hard but not this one, it’s all about the heals. Yes, I did make it in response to all the Haunt teams running around. Have you ever tried Haunting a Blossoming Ancient using Photosynthesis in Sunlight? It’s a net gain for the Blossoming Ancient.

The only damage being done here is from Snap, Scratch, Sunlight and Ironbark. When I’m spending over half my turns healing or using defensive moves it’s easy to see why these battles often go past thirty rounds and why people hate facing them. The nice thing about the Skunk and Crab here is that they both hit reasonably hard; snap hits for 343 damage and Scratch hits for 339, both at 95%. The overall plan is to put up Sunlight and the heals then slowly wear down the opponent with my four attacks. One nice thing about Sunlight is that it’s an AoE so when people try to outlast you with their front pet you can slowly wear down the back line pets. I can’t believe I’m doing this, I’m ashamed already.

I don’t have a lot of hard hitting attacks and Sunlight buffs heals. That means if I run into another strong healing team it will be almost impossible to take them out.

The Opponent:
P/S Ashwing Moth
P/P Sunreaver Micro-Sentry
S/S Phoenix Hatchling
The first thing that catches my eye is the Sunreaver Micro-Sentry, a pet that can change the weather to Lightning. No Val’kyrs to counter so now I’m just that lame griefer running a Sunlight comp.

The Battle:
100713CIt starts off as Moth versus Blossoming Ancient. I’ve always said that Moths are PvP gods if they hit their Dust and Sleep. Maybe that’s an overstatement but no one will disagree that the Dust/Sleep combo can be hard to bounce back from. It didn’t matter here because the Dust failed to hit. I applied Sunlight and the rout began. The Moth used Cocoon Strike while I applied Photosynthesis. The Moth then put up Wild Winds and I used Iron Bark, which was enough to block the ongoing damage from Wild Winds.

100713AThe Sunreaver Micro-Sentry came in next, presumably to change the weather to Lightning. Nope. It Supercharged and Haywired for 873 damage, which wasn’t even half of my current hp. I’m just spamming Ironbark which is doing 300+ strong damage while applying my shield. It’s not going to turn out well for the Micro-Sentry so my opponent goes back to the Moth, who hits its Dust but not its Sleep.

100713BTo change things up a bit I bring in the Skunk who applies Perk Up to the whole team and then Bleats. In Sunlight Bleat heals for a total of over 900. Take that Crawdad and your stupid Wish! Next turn the Dust and Sleep both hit my Skunk but it ignores the Sleep due to the critter racial. It’s just not your day, Mr. Moth. I Scratch away the Cocoon then swap to the Ancient right as my opponent swaps to the Micro-Sentry, who is killed by the next Sunlight. I have just about as much health as when the battle started while my opponent is down a pet and a half. It’s not like the Phoenix Hatchling is going to come in and turn it around. My opponent felt the same way and decided to call it quits.

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