October 6, 2013

Today’s Team: The Crab Who Snapped Liberty Valance
H/H Spirit Crab (Snap, Whirlpool. Shell Shield)
S/S Alpine Hare (Flurry, Dodge, Burrow)
P/P Warbot (Missile, Minefield, Extra Plating)

This team was made in response to all of the Unborn Val’kyrs running around. Each pet counters the Val’kyr in a specific way. The Crab mitigates the DoT damage with Shell Shield. The Hare has the critter attack Flurry. The Warbot makes the opposing team have to swap into a Minefield if it wants to Haunt and also can apply Extra Plating for the Val’kyrs that use Curse Of Doom.

If I’m not facing a Val’kyr this team is still solid because all of the pets are solid. The Spirit Crab is one of the best all around PvP pets, the Hare is fast and can only be hit every two out of five rounds. The Warbot is powerful and can last for a reasonable amount of rounds due to Extra Plating. As far as synergy goes there’s not a lot.

I have to be careful with the Minefield. When running a Minefield and swap team it’s usually my priority to get the Minefield down so that its CD can begin refreshing. The swapper will force the Mines to be detonated. On this team I have no swapper. In fact, I have two pets that don’t go down fast or take enemies out fast in the Hare and The Crab. When I swap to these pets I’m afraid my opponent my be able to outlast the Minefield, especially with the rabbit. So I’ll need to be a lot more strategical with my placement of the Mines.

The Opposing Team
H/H Unborn Val’kyr
S/B Elfin Rabbit
P/P Xu-Fu
I have a team designed to deal with Val’kyrs and here’s a one right in front of me. I’m still scared. If I didn’t have a 357 speed Hare that 338 Speed Elfin Rabbit would bother me. Xu-Fu is scary in general. I surely have the advantage here if I can play it right.

The Battle
100613CI assume that my opponent will start with the Val’kyr. I could go with my Hare but I decide not to. Sometimes when Haunt gets applied to fragile rabbits it can really take its toll since Dodge won’t block the DoT damage. Another reason not to go with the Hare is because I might scare the Val’kyr off. If I start with the Warbot then I can make the next pet take a Minefield when the Haunt comes and also mitigate the Curse if the Val’kyr aplies it. I go with the Warbot and as expected the Val’kyr comes out.

100613AI throw down a Minefield and get Cursed. So far so good. I Missile, expecting a Haunt that doesn’t come. The Shadow Shock misses. Interesting. I’m holding off on my Extra Plating until the Haunt comes so I Missile again and get Shocked again. Interesting. Could there be no impending Haunt? Round four again sees Missile and Shock. Next round I apply my Extra Plating because the Curse is about to hit and I get Shocked again. So my opponent is either waiting for the next pet to Haunt or it’s going to use Unholy Ascension instead. I kill the Val’kyr with another Missile and get Shocked again and next round the Unholy Ascension comes. All that thought around Haunt and my opponent doesn’t even have it.

100613FI would say well played, except I’m in good shape. A Minefield is still down, my Warbot is still alive, my remaining two pets should be able to take out the two opposing pets. The Rabbit eats the Minefield and then I make a dumb mistake. I forgot that my Warbot had already used it’s Failsafe so I think I can outlast a Flurry and get another Minefield down. The Flurry kills me and no Failsafe comes. Oops. I wish I could say that’s the first time has happened, it probably won’t be the last. Oh well, I still have it under control. It’s really easy to take out a slower rabbit with a faster one so I bring in my Hare. I Flurry, it Burrows. I Dodge, it misses. I Flurry, it Dodges. I Burrow, it misses. The Burrow hits for the kill, that was easy.

100613BIt’s two versus one now, but Xu-Fu is no joke. A well timed Prowl plus Feed can totally turn a battle around. Apparently my opponent doesn’t know that since this Xu-Fu has Moonfire. I tried using Moonfire myself a few times when I first got Xu-Fu, but I eventually I learned the power of Feed. Hopefully my opponent will learn. Or maybe I should hope that they don’t. I don’t mind facing Xu-Fu like this because it’s easy to take out. I Flurry once and get pounded by Spirit Claws. I Dodge then Flurry when I find out about the Moonfire. I swap to the Crab who gets taken to 0 but finishes off Xu-Fu.

What could have been an incredibly difficult battle was made much easier by my opponent’s choice of moves and breeds. A little disappointing but I’ll take the win.

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