October 4, 2013

Today’s Team: Weaponized
S/S Jademist Dancer (Steam Vent, Rain Dance, Geyser)
S/S De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion (Thrash, Extra Plating, Demolish)
S/S Grasslands Hopper (Skitter, Cocoon Strike, Inspiring Song)

I’ve gone on a bit of a rampage the last few days with my Jademist Dancer. It’s been so much fun that I went on a search for some pets that might create some synergy when I noticed the De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion. I’ve always been intrigued by the De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion. First of all it look really cool. What’s not cute about a robot bunny with a big shiny tail? It’s speedy, it’s got the awesome mech racial and it’s somewhat survivable with extra plating. Where’s the synergy? Demolish is a hard-hitting but low accuracy move which hits at 50%. If the mech rabbit can get in while Rain Dance is up then Demolish will hit at 100%.

I’m not planning on swapping to the DMC after Rain Dance since the Dancer needs the buff itself. What I’ve noticed happening a lot is I swap out the Dancer at low health, it comes back in later to use Rain Dance and gets off one Steam Vent before dying. That’s when the DMC will come in. There will be one more round of Rain Dance to help the Demolish. That’s a narrow window, but hey, why not give it a shot? The Grasslands Hopper is there to provide some anti-undead and also to provide some heals to the low hp Dancer and DMC.

This is a fast team, but not remarkably fast. At 325/325/317 speeds the S/S Fiendish Imp and S/S Death Adder will outspeed it. I also realized that I don’t have a Red Cricket. Its power might better suit this team than the speedy Hooper I’m using.

The Opponent:
H/H Anubisath Idol
H/P Blighthawk
H/H Unborn Val’kyr
A strong team for sure. I’ve got the Hopper for the two undead pets and so far my Dancer has done well against Idols. This will be fun.

The Battle
100413DThe battle starts with my Jademist Dancer versus the Anubisath Idol. I don’t want to use my Rain Dance before taking any damage and I don’t want to use Geyser since the Idol may have Deflection so I use Steam Vent and hope for the best at 80% accuracy. It hits and the Idol uses Sandstorm. I use my Rain Dance and the Idol misses a Demolish. That’s good news for me since Demolish is weak against elementals. Next round I Steam Vent and get Ruptured and stunned. At least now I know there’s no Deflection. I decide to stay in so I have to eat a weak Demolish. Next round I put down a Geyser and watch Demolish miss. I Vent and get hit again then decide to use Rain Dance rather than swap, which may have been a bad move. A Sandstorm takes out the Dancer. I should have swapped it so I could come back to it later and get off a Rain Dance, oh well.

100413EThe Good news is that Rain Dance is up, a Geyser is about to blow and my synergy plan will see some action. I bring in the DMC. I hit my Demolish thanks to the buffed accuracy, the Idol misses its Demolish before the Geyser finishes it off. It’s all even at two pets a piece. Now the Blighthawk comes in. My Thrash won’t do much in a this weather so I Demolish a few times for the duration of Sandstorm and see one hit. I pop extra Plating, spam Thrash and really get the best of the Blighthawk thanks to some Infected Claw misses. It swaps out with less than 100 hp.

100413AI bring in the Hopper to watch it and the Val’kyr cancel each other out, but not before the Hopper got off its AoE heal to help out the DMC. The DMC easily finishes off the low hp Blighthawk for the win. What was looking like a tough battle turned out to be very odd. There was a Blighthawk and Val’kyr, I surely thought I would see Haunt and Consume Corpse but it never happened. A Shadow Shock spamming Val’kyr isn’t too scary. I’ll probably get a Red Cricket and try this team again with some more powerful heals.

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