October 3, 1013

Today’s Team: Eternal Dancers
S/S Jademist Dancer (Steam Vent, Rain Dance, Acid Rain)
P/S Eternal Strider (Jet, Cleansing Rain, Pump)
H/H Spirit Crab (Snap, Whirlpool, Shell Shield)

This team is based around the weather Cleansing Rain and aquatic attacks. Cleansing Rain gives aquatic attacks a 25% damage buff and reduces the duration of hostile DoTs.

All three pets have aquatic attacks. The Jademist Dancer has Steam Vent which is an 80% accuracy attack. I like to stay away from anything less than 90% but the Dancer also has Rain Dance. Rain Dance provides an accuracy buff and a 50% chance to crit for two turns so the 80% accuracy becomes 100% accuracy. I’m a bit torn between Geyser and Acid Rain in the third slot. I already have a lot of aquatic attacks so Geyser would diversify my attacks (it’s elemental), but I like having two weather changers and Acid Rain will change the weather to Cleansing Rain. I’ve run with both and this choice seems like a toss up. In this battle I’ll take the Acid Rain.

The Eternal Strider is a pet that can apply Cleansing Rain and also benefit from it with its aquatic attacks Pump and Water Jet. I’ve had luck with the H/S Mirror Strider in the past but I’ve been using the P/S Eternal Strider a bit more. The Eternal Strider has 1400/273/305 hp/power/speed while the Mirror has 1465/244/322. The Mirror Strider is giving up a lot power for that extra speed and little bit of hp. I would normally have no problem with that but 322 speed doesn’t get you much compared to 305. There are a lot of 325 speed pets out there that will be faster than the Mirror Strider. I do have somewhat of an emotional attachment to the Mirror Strider due to its longevity on my PvP teams but I’ll have to get over it for the better pet.

The Spirit Crab will benefit from Cleansing Rain since Whirlpool is an aquatic attack. Other than that it’s just there to, I don’t know, wreck every single pet it faces. Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit but the Spirit Crab is a solid choice on almost any team due to its ability to pump out steady damage while being hard to take out.

There are a lot of aquatic attacks on this team which are weak against magic pets. I’ll have to make sure that my Crab squares off against any magic pets that I meet up with since it has my lone non-aquatic attack.

The Opposing Team:
S/S Fiendish Imp
S/S Enchanted Broom
P/S Crawling Claw
Maybe I shouldn’t write my concerns down because they always seem to show up in the queue like this magic Broom. Who uses a Broom anymore?

The Battle:
100313AI assume my opponent will start with the Imp and I’m right. I start with the Crab so it can soak the damage from Nether Gate and the Imp makes it happen. The Jademist Dancer is forced in. I use Acid Rain then Rain Dance while the Imp uses Immolation and Burn. It seems that it’s going to try and take me out. It’s two Burns against two Steam Vents that each hit for over 500 damage. It’s still not looking good for me, the next Burn may take me out and even if it doesn’t I’ll have no accuracy buff from Rain Dance. I decide to chance it. The Burn takes me to 10 hp and my Steam Vent hits for the kill. That was close.

100313BThe Broom comes in so I swap to my Crab. Since the last of the enemy pets has only 257 speed I can bring my Dancer out at the end of the battle to face it and get an attack off. The Crab takes a Batter and gives a Snap and is then swept out for the Strider. I apply more weather, charge Pump, then go back to my Crab. I put down a Whirlpool and Snap then anticipate the Sweep that will take away my undead turn so I swap to the Strider. The Sweep comes and now my Jademist Dancer is forced out. I swap right back to my Crab since I’m saving the Dancer for the Claw. Batter takes the Crab to 0 on the swap and it gets a Snap off before expiring.

100313EI bring in the Strider and now have no choice but to use my weak aquatic attacks to take out the Broom. My Pump was charged so I release it to kill the Broom. All of that swapping really took its toll, I don’t have much hp left. I Jet, the Claw Curses. Hmm, maybe it doesn’t have Shadow Slash? I use Cleansing Rain and get Death Gripped out. The Dancer uses Rain Dance and the Agony comes, confirming my suspicions of no Shadow Slash. Two Steam Vents, one a critical, bring the Claw to 0 hp while the Curse fails to take out the Strider. Both my pets end up surviving.

That Broom gave me a lot of grief but the inability of the Claw to take out my pets gave me a surprising victory.

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