October 28, 2013

Today’s Team: The New Black
H/H Spirit Crab (Amplify Magic, Surge, Shell Shield)
S/S Nether Fairie Dragon (Arcane Blast, Dodge, Cyclone)
H/S Kovok (Poison Fang, Pheromones, Puncture Wounds)
Since Kovok is the new black, at least for awhile.

I spent all of yesterday going for either the straight forward AoE strategy or the Lightning route with Kovok. Now that I’ve got all of that out of my system I want to try out some more creative teams. How could I take the powerful move Pheromones and make it better? It already does a lot of back line damage, how could I get it to do even more damage? Amplify Magic should do the trick. As much as I hate to mess with my lovely Spirit Crab’s move set I’m gonna give Amplify Magic a shot. The strategy here is to put up Cyclone and Pheromones then get the Crab in to Amplify. That’s a 50% damage increase to all of those back line attacks. A really nice thing about Cyclone and the Nether Fairie Dragon is the fact that it can proc the dragonkin racial from back line damage.

Since Pheromones is a three round duration and Amplify Magic is two I’ll have to swap immediately after Pheromones. That means I’ll have to Poison before. There’s a lot of swapping going on here, I’ll need to be careful not to waste too many turns trying to set everything up. If the plan doesn’t work I’m not sure how well this team can improvise. I’ll find out soon enough.

The Opposing Team:
S/S Jademist Dancer
H/P Direhorn Runt
B/B Electrified Razortooth

The Battle:
I don’t see any reason to not stick to the plan here, it should work out fine. I start with my Fairie Dragon and my opponent starts with the Direhorn who uses Trihorn Shield as I use Cyclone. I swap to Kovok and use Pheromones. Kovok had to take a Horn attack on the swap and then a Trihorn Charge. A funny thing here is that all I did was stick to my original plan but by doing so made the Shield somewhat worthless as I never directly attacked the Direhorn. Neat.

102813ANow the fun starts as I bring in my Spirit Crab to Amplify Magic. On the next turn Pheromones hit for 200 and a 315 crit, the turn after it hit for 212 and 212. The Cyclone was hitting for around 150. That’s some nice amplification. I usually stick to my Snap/Whirlpool combo on the Spirit Crab but Amplify/Surge isn’t too bad, you have a priority move hitting for around 350, although you have to refresh Amplify Magic. After I Surge a few times I swap back to the Fairie to start the cycle over but then realize there’s no need, the remaining pets both have less than half health. My opponent didn’t like what was happening and swapped to the Jademist Dancer. I dropped another Cyclone then the Dancer did the Rain Dance. It was made worthless by the Dodge. The Fairie Dragon then cleaned up the Direhorn with Arcane Blasts. The poor Razortooth never made it off the back line.

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