October 25, 2013

Today’s Team: Fairy Moans
H/S Kovok (Poison Fang, Pheromones, Puncture Wounds)
H/P Wild Jade Hatchling (Tail Sweep, Call Lightning, Cyclone)
S/S Fiendish Imp (Burn, Immolation, Nether Gate)
I finally picked up a Kovok, this is the obvious team that I came up with.

I think I’ll start with the Imp to use Immolation and Gate out the opposing first pet to mess up my oppnent’s opening strategy. Then I’ll go to the Hatchling to use Cyclone and Lightning before swapping out the Wild Hatchling to Kovok. I’ll use Pheromones to hit the back line pets and Poison Fang to hit the pet in play. By that time the damage will have really added up.

I’ve beaten so many Lightning teams by using my own DoTs. I need to watch out for that and not blindly put up Lightning. Remember to use weather responsibly! I’m not really sure how I’ll deal with Val’kyrs or Adders, both of which are very common right now.

The Opposing Team:
B/B Unborn Val’kyr
H/H Celestial Dragon
P/B Tainted Waveling
I guess I’m about to find out how to deal with Val’kyrs.

The Battle:
This was a short one as a lot of Lightning battles can be, although it was shortened by something other than Lightning damage. I started with my Imp as planned and immediately Gated out the Val’kyr. I use Immolation as the Val’kyr swaps back in. Now I have a tough choice to make: which of my two remaining pets am I going to sacrifice? It will definitely be a sacrifice because I have no mitigation against the Curse and Haunt which is surely coming. I chose Kovok because the 5 round DoT may give the Val’kyr some trouble when it comes out of the Haunt. As I swap to Kovok I take the Curse and on the next round I Poison the Val’kyr before it Haunts.

102513AThe Celestial Dragon is brought out to face Kovok. Kovok gets off a Pheromones, Poison Fang and Puncture Wounds before the Curse kills it. During this time the Dragon uses Moonfire, Flamethrower then Ancient Blessing. I bring out my Wild Jade Hatchling and the Val’kyr comes right back in to take a Lightning. Not only did it take the Lightning but now there’s massive damage being done all over the place. I take some damage from Flamethrower but the whole enemy team is taking a bunch of little hits from Poison and Pheromones, all of which are causing Lightning to strike. My Hatchling uses Cyclone and the Val’kyr Haunts again. Maybe my opponent wasn’t keeping track of all the damage being done and thought their team could outlast the Haunt, I don’t know. What I do know is that move cost them the battle. They may have thought that the Celestial Dragon could get off another Ancient Blessing, which is reasonable since the two dragons were the same speed. Too bad that I won the coin flip and the Celestial Dragon died. Thanks to all of the back line damage from Pheromones and Lightning the Waveling came out with only about 1000 hp. Two Tail Sweeps, the first one receiving the dragonkin bonus, was all it took to kill the Waveling. The Val’kyr was still Haunting so it was considered as dead, game over. I look forward to creating many more Kovok teams, although I fear that I may find Pheromones to be too powerful. I’ll have to see what my meta can throw back at it.

2 Responses to October 25, 2013

  1. Snow says:

    I haven’t do many battles the past few weeks, but I did fight a kovok the other day. It was paired with a fossilized hatchling and an electrified razortooth. Bonestorm and pheromones did more damage than I expected to my team. I faced that team twice and got a draw the first time and a win the second. If he had a better 3rd pet I don’t think I would have won either.

    • Discodoggy says:

      I’ve been using a Fossilized Hatchling and either A Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling or a Curious Wolvar Pup as a third. Both teams have been doing really well, but I don’t like the randomness of the trap. I’m also starting to like Cyclone pets a lot for the back line damage.

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