October 21, 2014

Farewell 5.4 Part XIV
Still counting down my favorite teams of 5.4.

Team 8: Croak And Poke
Competitive Score: 8/10
Spirit Crab, Swamp Croaker, Lifelike Toad
vs. Jademist Dancer, Blighthawk, Qiraji Guardling

102114AThis team is a bit on the boring side, or perhaps you would call it the defensive side. It ranks so high because it got so many wins during tough nights. You know, those nights where every battle had a valk or an adder or a clonedance comp. No valks or adders in this farewell battle, but I was lucky enough to get a good team to sock it to. Make no mistake, clonedance is still a viable and scary comp in 6.0, but I had my favorite anti-clonedance pet the Lifelike Toad. It used Tongue Lash on the undead pet, Frog Kiss on the elemental and even landed a stun. Good froggy. Even then it was still heading towards a close finish when my opponent ran. The Qiraji Guardling had 700 hp left and the crab had two more attacks in the sandstorm, plus I had an over half health Swamp Croaker. I was a afraid of the stun and sandstorm on the aquatic but apparently my opponent didn’t see it that way. I’ll take it.

Team 7: Electric Pickles
Competitive Score: 9/10
Fiendish Imp, Spirit Crab, Death Adder Hatchling
vs. Jademist Dancer, Blighthawk, Emperor Crab

I think I hated facing clonedance teams more than anything else in 5.4, especially with an Emperor Crab as a third pet. It was just so hard to counter with good pets. You could come up with a good adder counter team that’s good in general, you could come up with a good valk counter team that’s good in general, but to counter clonedance teams you had to use a few very specific pets that aren’t that good in general. The saddest thing about this battle was that I anticipated almost every one of my opponent’s moves, but there wasn’t anything I could do to beat this comp. Actually what’s more sad is that we will still have to deal with it in WoD. Along with RI, chain CC and traps.

Team 6: Bog Bastards
Compeitive Score: 8/10
Fiendish Imp, Sen’Jin Fetish, Tiny Bog Beast
vs. Voodoo Figurine, Clockwork Gnome, Iron Starlette

102114BAs I mentioned before the imp and mask became my go to combo in 5.4. You could pretty much throw in any decent third pet and do well most of the time. This time the third pet was the fun yet slightly risky Tiny Bog Beast. It’s risky because two of its moves are speed based and the third is a multiple round attack. Occasionally if out sped it will fail hard. It was actually the same speed as all of the opposing pets but I didn’t need it much; the imp and fetish were handling things well enough. I just brought it in for the screenshot.

Team 5: Party Party Party
Competitive Score: 8/10
Tiny Twister, Macabre Marionette, Lil’ Bling
vs. Lil’ Ragnaros, Magical Crawdad, Direhorn Runt

102114EI didn’t do a great job in this battle since I got called away in the middle of it, but I think I may have lost anyways. The trap and Wish were just too much to deal with. I thought even with my poor play I was going to pull off the win, but only if the Magical Crawdad had Renewing Mists. Nope, it had Shell Shield instead, which meant that all of the field effects and lightning had no effect. Ugh. This only solidifies my hatred of the Magical Crawdad and Lil’ Ragnaros. I highly recommend the Tiny Twister to anyone who hasn’t tried it. You can build a lot of good lightning teams around it.

Team 4: Beige Bandits
Competitive Score: 9/10
Qiraji Guardling, Direhorn Runt, Living Sandling
vs. Unborn Val’kyr, Stunted Direhorn, Lil’ Ragnaros

102114GI never thought I would like a sandstorm team this much. It earned a lot of wins and this battle was the perfect reminder of why it did in a meta full of valks. I always started the humanoid against the valk. Sounds crazy, but Blackout Kick, Sandstorm then a swap to the direhorn means that the direhorn takes the CoD or Haunt with the protection of the weather. Add in a the 172 damage blocking Trihorn Shield and you have a very protected beast. Haunt tickles. Another nice thing about the direhorn is the second part of Trample not being effected by sandstorm, always hitting for 140. It was nice getting some revenge on rag so I think I’ll end it there tonight.

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