October 2, 2013

Today’s Team: Bring Out The Bling
S/S Fiendish Imp (Burn, Immolation, Nether Gate)
H/H Scourged Whelpling (Tail Sweep, Death and Decay, Plagued Blood)
S/S Lil’ Bling (Inflation, Blingtron Gift Package, Make It Rain)

This is a DoT team. The goal here is to put up all the DoTs and then get some healing from Plagued Blood.

I almost always start with the Imp. One reason is to get Immolation going as soon as possible while another is because of the ability Nether Gate. Nether Gate is a forced swap move that is good to for throwing a wrench in the opposing team’s strategy by swapping their starting pet. If the opponent doesn’t start with their desired starting pet then you don’t use Nether Gate. It provides a lot of control.

The Scourged Whelpling is on this team to apply Plagued Blood and Death and Decay. When a pet has Plagued Blood applied on it any pet that does damage to it will get healed for a small amount. The healing is gained from each attack, so if you attack a pet with Plagued Blood with four different attacks you will get healed four times. That means the Imp will be getting healed twice on the back line while the Immolation ticks. One heal comes from Immolation and one comes from the humanoid racial.

My best third pet on this team is the Fel Flame, but I often replace it with another pet that can apply a DoT just to change things up a bit. In this case I’m using Lil’ Bling. Bling has a DoT called Make It Rain. It also has a debuff called Inflation that makes the enemy pet take double damage. If you have a bunch of DoTs up that double damage can really add up. I’m also taking Blingtron Gift Package which is risky choice in my opinion. It has a 50% chance to hit for 420 damage and if it misses it heals.

As with any DoT team your worst enemies are Sandstorm and shields. Blingtron Gift Package could always backfire. If I want to take out a pet I don’t want to get healed instead.

The Opposing Team
P/S Fiendish Imp
H/S Elementium Geode
H/P Ghostly Skull

The Battle
100113DIt starts out as Imp versus Imp and to my delight I notice I’m faster. My opponent’s P/S Imp loses out on one of the most desirable traits in a Fiendish Imp: control. I’m faster, I decide I don’t want the opposing Imp to put up its Immolation so I Gate it out. The Elementium Geode gets swapped in. I put up my Immolation and the Geode uses Elementium Bolt.

100213BI now bring in my Scourged Whelpling. I was going to do this anyways but there’s a bonus. I have no mitigation or avoidance for the hard hitting and stunning Elementium Bolt. It’s a magic attack so it’s weak against undead pets. Since I’m going to get hit I might as well get hit with weak damage. I use Death and Decay and get stunned by the Bolt while my opponent swaps to the Skull. I use Plagued Blood and then swap to Lil’ Bling. Ghostly Bite misses as I use Make It Rain. The Skull is trying to tank using Death Coil but it can’t keep up with all the damage from the Immolation, Death and Decay and Make It Rain. Not to mention they were all doing double damage thanks to Inflation. But wait, it gets better: all of these are causing heals to my pets for the duration of Plagued Blood. As a parting gift the Skull uses Unholy Ascension on its undead turn.

100213FI bring in my Whelpling to face the Geode who uses Bolt and swaps to the Imp. The Imp Gates me out, but at this point I’m so far ahead that it’s just a matter of finishing it off. The most interesting thing that happened was that I needed to finish off the Geode with Blingtron Gift Package and it hit rather than healed. The Imp ended up running away. When you have a good plan and there’s no counter to it sometimes pet battles can seem easy. Add in one shield to my opponent’s team and it’s a completely different story.

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