October 14, 2013

Today’s Team: Born To Be Dandy
S/S Dandelion Frolicker (Scratch, Frolick, Kick)
H/H Unborn Val’kyr (Shadow Slash, Curse Of Doom, Haunt)
S/S Death Adder Hatchling (Poison Fang, Puncture Wound, Blinding Poison)

This strategy here is to start Haunting with the Val’kyr then bring in the Adder and Dandelion to stall while the Haunt ticks do some damage. The Death Adder stalls by using Blinding Poison, a move that reduces the opposing pet’s accuracy by 100% for one turn. Since the Death Adder is usually faster (341 speed) than the opposing pet that one turn really means two, this turn and the next. The Dandelion Frolicker stalls by using Kick and Frolick. Kick is a current turn interrupt and Frolick is a move that gives you a 50% chance to dodge for two rounds (three if faster).

The Adder and the Frolicker don’t put up much damage. This team requires a bit of finesse. If the Frolicker isn’t faster it is somewhat gimped.

The Opposing Team:
B/B Unborn Val’kyr
P/S Pandaren Monk
P/P Baby Ape
Another Val’kyr, this could get interesting.

The Battle:
101413AMy opponent and I want to get right down to business. It’s some Val’kyr on Val’kyr action. The B/B breed is faster than me so I need to watch out for us Haunting at the same time. If a faster Val’kyr and a slower Val’kyr Haunt on the same turn the faster will Haunt the slower and the slower will just immediately die with no coming back. I don’t know if it always happens like that, but I’ve seen it happen before. My plan then is to Shadow Slash until the opposing Val’kyr Haunts me. Then once I am being Haunted I can Haunt the next pet which will make the opposing Val’kyr appear on the back line. At least this is how I understand Val’kyr vs. Val’kyr Haunting to work. Well, my opponent didn’t want to Haunt me either, so we get into a Slash fight. With misses from both of our Val’kyrs we’re about even after a few rounds. Then I decide to take a gamble. There have been quite a few Val’kyrs on my meta who use Unholy Ascension. Perhaps this is one of them. I press Haunt, fearing the insta-death, but another Slash comes my way and I proudly Haunt the opposing Val’kyr.

101413FWhy is this a good plan? Now all that my opponent has to do is use Haunt themselves and I will be “kicked out” of Haunting them. Well, don’t forget that I have a Death Adder. If I can Blind the opposing Val’kyr for two turns it will keep them from Haunting my Adder. I didn’t mention that the opposing Val’kyr had 151 health left. If I use Blinding Poison and the Haunt tick does 151 or greater then I’m a genius. If not, plan failed. The attack is listed at 148, it’s gonna have to hit high… but it hits at 147 and my plan fails. I kill the Val’kyr on the next turn with my Adder, but it Haunts the Adder on it’s undead turn. My Val’kyr is safely on back line, when the opposing Val’kyr is done Haunting it won’t res, good riddance. This Haunting is complicated business.

101413CThe Baby Ape comes out to face my Adder, who uses Poison Fang while the Ape uses Banana Barrage. My Adder gets Bashed so I swap out to my Val’kyr, who goes to 0 hp on the swap. I Haunt the Baby Ape then bring back in the Death Adder. It Blinds the Ape, trying to buy some time for the Poison and Haunt to do some damage. I swap it right back out to the Frolicker since the Blinded Ape is harmless. I Kick the Ape, who dies to the Haunt and Poison. What a shameless tactic. It’s now Frolicker versus Pandaren Monk. I’ll keep it short and say thanks to the Kicks and Frolick treating me well even with the weak Scratches the Frolicker took out the Monk. Even if not, there was a low hp Death Adder waiting as a back up.

Note: I thought I would mention that immediately after finishing this write up I queued again with a different team. Guess what I faced? Someone else using a Frolicker, Adder and Val’kyr. Instant flattery.

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