October 11, 2013

Today’s Team: Crazy For Rabies
P/P Rabid Nut Varmint 5000 (Thrash, Overtune, Rabid Strike)
H/S Harmonious Porcupette (Scratch, Celestial Blessing, Tranquility)
H/H Unborn Val’kyr (Shadow Slash, Curse Of Doom, Haunt)
After a forced break due to being locked out of the PvP queue I’m ready to rumble!

The Rabid Nut Varmint 5000 is the perfect candidate for my current Celestial Blessing experimenting. Every time I tried to use it in the past there was just something missing. It has some nice power which can be combined with Rabid Strike to hit really hard. The problem was that you had to choose between Overtune for the speed or Extra Plating for the protection. Now that there’s Celestial Blessing in the mix you can choose Overtune and still feel safe for a few extra rounds.

The Unborn Val’kyr is here for some back up. It’s one of the top ten pets in the current meta according to, umm, me. I’m not completely confident about the Nut Varmint and the Porcupette; I’ll feel more comfortable with a tough buddy along for the ride. In fact, that’s a usually great way to experiment with new pets. Rather than run a team of three new pets that I’m not really familiar with I’d rather try a new pet on a team with at least one tried and tested top flight pet. In this case that pet is the Val’kyr. I plan on starting with a Haunt from the Val’kyr then bringing in the Porcupette to put up Blessing for the Varmint. Then the Varmint will try to do some big damage by putting up Rabies and Thrashing. If it’s slower (as it probably will be) then it’ll need to Overtune. That’s why it really needs the Blessing in order to survive. If it works then each Thrash will be doing over 250 damage with the possibility of hitting all three for over 750 damage.

It’s somewhat of a complicated plan. The more complicated of a plan the more ways there are to foil it. If the Val’kyr needs to come in after the Porcupette then some of the Blessing may be wasted on it after the res to the back line.

The Opponent:
P/S Skywisp Moth
P/S Jadefire Spirit
H/P Ghostly Skull
Not too much going on here.

The Battle:
101113BI start with the Val’kyr who has to face the 1627 health Ghostly Skull. I apply my Curse while Spectral Strike misses. The Skull’s Shadow Slash hits me before I Haunt. In comes the Porcupette as planned. I use my Blessing before I get Slashed and I see that green arrow on my Scratch. I think one strong Scratch should be enough. I Scratch for 483 damage and get Slashed again. The Haunt and Curese are going to be enough to finish off the Skull so I cast Tranquility before watching another Spectral Strike miss. You’ll get no sympathy from me when you miss Spectral Strike without Darkness.

101113CI bring in my Varmint for the Blessing while the Skull casts Unholy Ascension. That’s a nice buff for my opponent, at least I have the Blessing for three rounds. The Skywisp Moth is the next opposing pet. A Moth Dust hits but thankfully doesn’t Sleep me. I Overtune to gain my speed advantage the apply Rabies before the Reckless Strike comes. My Thrashes are weak against flyers but with Rabies and the Reckless Strike debuff I should hit hard. I was shocked to only hit for 189 per Thrash, although it was enough to take away the flying bonus. It didn’t matter since the Moth’s base speed was faster, I’ll still need to use Overtune. The Varmint and Moth go for a few more rounds with my mech surviving with 30 hp and a Failsafe to spare. Or do I have a Failsafe? I forgot again lol. I seem to have some mental block when it comes to the mech resurrections.

101113DAfter the Moth died my opponent brought in the Jadefire Spirit. I’m faster now, but I’m on my last turn of the Speed Boost from Overtune. If I haven’t used my Failsafe I should Overtune so I can get a turn after I res. Not being sure, I used Rabid Strike to get the debuff up. The Rabies is applied and… I res dammit. Now I’m slower and get taken out without getting a shot off. That’s bad, I really need to pay more attention to my mechs. Now I have a Harmonious Porcupette and a lot of health on my Val’kyr to deal with the Jadefire Spirit. No problem, I Scratch and use Blessing before the Porcupette dies then the shielded Val’kyr just spams Shadow Slash to finish off the Jadefire Spirit.

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