November 8, 2013

Today’s Team: Turcraben
P/S Highlands Turkey (Peck, Squawk, Food Coma)
P/P Emperor Crab (Snap, Healing Wave, Shell Shield)
H/H Spirit Crab (Snap, Whirlpool, Shell Shield)

I’ve been using the Spirit and Emperor combo for a few days now and I’m really liking it. The Emperor really shuts down Val’kyrs and the Spirit Crab can take down most pets one on one. I was looking for a flyer to use as a counter to Death Adders when I came across the Turkey. I haven’t faced too many in PvP and haven’t played it much myself. Food Coma is an interesting move that puts the opposing pet to sleep for two rounds but breaks on damage. After using Coma you can either attack on the next round or get a free swap if you don’t like the match up, assuming your opponent doesn’t swap. Squawk is a decent defensive move that reduces enemy damage by 25% for three rounds. One nice thing about this team is that it’s also a counter for Kovok since the Emperor will take less damage due to the racial and the flyer is a soft counter to beast damage. This team counters all of the three meta-menacing fotm pets (not counting Murkalot), but how will it do otherwise? It doesn’t seem like a bad team overall.

I’ll most likely start with the Turkey and swap in the Crabs as I see fit. There’s no set rotation or master plan, which on the one hand means a lot of freedom, but on the other means I may be lacking some synergy.

I’m not quite sure how the Turkey will perform. I hope it does well since I really want a flyer to go with my crab combo and there just aren’t many that I like. I could use the Fledgling Buzzard but that would be a lot of beast attacks. If I run into a Murkalot, oh well.

The Opposing Team:
B/B Unborn Val’kyr
B/B Father Winter’s Helper
H/S Garden Moth

The Battle:
110813AThis turned out to be a 36 round swap fest, which was decently played by both participants. There were so many swaps because my opponent really wanted the Moth versus Emperor match up and I really wanted the Emperor versus Val’kyr match up. I did a good job of soaking the Val’kyr damage with my Crab, it was able to take two ineffective Haunts without taking much damage. After many rounds I had a half health Emperor Crab and full health Turkey versus a 500 hp Moth and full health Winter’s Helper. I made the mistake of halting the swap fest and keeping my Crab in against the Moth. I did this because I wanted to take down the Moth before Cocoon Strike and Dust refreshed. The Crab killed the Moth, then died to the elf. I brought in my Turkey to face the elf and lost to the Winter’s Helper that survived with less than 100 hp. A close one. Looking back, I should have put in the Turkey to face the Moth regardless of the CDs. That way I could have let the Emperor get another heal off. No Dusts put me to sleep so I can gracefully lose a well played battle rather than complain about Moth Dust.

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