November 7, 2016

Disco’s Three

2:30 – Motley Ragers
Yu’la, Magma Rageling, Snarly
vs. Bone Serpent, Junglebeak, Nightshade Sproutling

Seems like I’ve seen this team before somewhere. I could have simply stated that (0.9)(0.9) = 0.81, which is less than 90%.

10:15 – Agent Black
Bone Serpent, Nightshade Sproutling, Dread Hatchling
vs. Phoenix Hatchling, Nibbles, Sharptalon Hatchling

My opponent was outmatched from the get-go.

17:00 – Might Be Slower
Knight-Captain Murky, Boneshard, Hyjal Wisp
vs. Hyjal Wisp, Sentinel’s Companion, Voidcaller

What a cool battle! I was deep in thought so I may have trailed off more that my usual three to five times 😛

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