November 26, 2013

Today’s Team: Skitters
S/S Death Adder Hatchling (Poison Fang, Puncture Wound, Blinding Poison)
S/S Gold Beetle (Flank, Survival, Swarm)
P/S Highlands Turkey (Peck, Squawk, Food Coma)

After playing a few battles here and there with my new found Beetle I’m realizing it’s a fun pet to battle with. Partly due to Survival and Swarm being good moves but mostly due to the novelty. I like using and winning with underused pets. Almost any pet can win games if you give it some powerful buddies. In this case the fearless leader is the Death Adder Hatchling. This Adder takes out as many entire teams as the pre-nerf Idol used to, it’s crazy good with the amount of control it provides. The Turkey is also there for control with Food Coma. The general plan is to use the blind and Food Coma to give me some extra turns. Puncture Wound will be my main source of damage so I need to plan my strikes well.

With both the Turkey and the Beetle being more on the novelty side of the spectrum of pets I don’t feel extremely confident if I run into top flight teams. There’s not a lot of firepower on this team, it requires some finesse.

The Opposing Team:
P/S Wild Golden Hatchling
S/B Clockwork Gnome
P/P Pocket Reaver
I’ve been seeing a lot of Lightning lately.

The Battle:
The nice thing about Lightning is that the damage piles up so fast the battles don’t take too many rounds. I actually have a decent team to counter Lightning so it should work out well. The Golden Hatchling started as I knew it would so I brought out the Adder. I didn’t even bother trying to guess if it’ll be Cyclone then Call Lightning or the reverse of that, I just wanted to down that dragon asap. I’ve found that the best strategy against Lightning teams is to not dance around and be fancy, just take em’ out quick. I cast Poison Fang and Puncture Wound while the dragon cast Call Lightning and Cyclone. Now the dragon is as good as dead if it goes to back line thanks to the Poison ticks.

112613CThe dragon swapped to the Reaver (have fun dying back there!) so I use my Blinding Poison. I wasn’t sure how the AoE Quake would interact with Blinding Poison but it missed all of my pets. I used Poison Fang while the Quake missed again. Like I said above, with Lightning I often just choose to throw caution to the wind and kill as fast as possible. This, along with the fact that the Reaver could probably kill my Adder on the back line with Quake made the choice to keep the Adder in a no brainer. By the time the Adder had died the Reaver had already used its Failsafe and was down to 177 hp. I brought in the Turkey to take out the Reaver with a Peck then used Food Coma on the Gnome. I decided to swap to the Beetle so I could let Coma refresh in case I needed it later. What was the Gnome gonna do about it? Nothing, he’s asleep for two rounds. It turned out that I didn’t need the Turkey again since the Beetle was able to take out the Gnome thanks to a Metal Fist miss.

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