November 25, 2015

Five Wins Or Bust
A bad day, I made a lot of mistakes. I still managed to win but it in an embarrassing fashion.

0:45 – One Died
Tiny Twister, Macabre Marionette, Tol’vir Scarab
win vs. Lil’ Ragnaros, Pandaren Air Spirit, Snarly

Big mistake #1: I forgot about arcane winds and tried to stun anyways. It was the beginning of a mistake prone day.

7:45 – Scorch and Destroy
Fire Beetle, Parched Lizard, Golden Dragonhawk Hatchling
win vs. Netherspawn, Emerald Proto-Whelp, Phoenix Hatchling

I didn’t make a mistake but a crit helped me in the end.

13:45 – Mousy Tales
Ghastly Kid, Prairie Mouse, Crystal Spider
win vs. Netherspawn, Emerald Proto-Whelp, Phoenix Hatchling

I couldn’t make a mistake because the fled. If Blizz counts it as a win then so do I. Just skip this one.

15:20 – Dragonhawk Mountain
Fire Beetle, Golden Dragon Hawk Hatchling, Son Of Sethe
win vs. Razzishi Hatchling, Fozzilized Hatchling, Celestial Dragon

Big Mistake #2: this time I forgot to take the weather change into account.

22:40 – Where’s The Party At?
Lil’ Bling, Twilight Fiendling, Tiny Twister
win vs. Wolptinger, Iron Starlette, Bone Serpent

Big mistake #4 (I can’t remember what 3 was): I didn’t take into account that the Bone Serpent might have lift-off. Ok, it doesn’t seem like a big deal now, but at the time it did.

4 Responses to November 25, 2015

  1. Jere says:

    This video reminded me that Gello updated Rematch with some hidden test commands to view the teams in a more slender format (which I think you wanted). You might check it out. As always, backup your teams before hand!

  2. Vek says:

    RUN DMC! 😀

    • Discodoggy says:

      A very sad moment in my history: my friend had two tickets to see Run DMC and the Beastie Boys when they came to town, but my mom wouldn’t let me because I was too young. I still regret not sneaking out and going anyways. It would have been worth any trouble that I would have gotten in.

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