November 20, 2014

Today’s Team: Dreadful Memories
P/P Droplet Of Y’Shaarj (Corrosion, Acid Rain, Dreadful Breath)
H/H Scourged Whelpling (Tail Swipe, Darkness, Dreadful Breath)
H/H Spirit Crab (Snap, Surge, Shell Shield)

I was using this team during the pre-patch and it was incredibly successful. Since Dreadful Breath has become a “split evenly across enemy team” AoE it has become much more dangerous. Before the change having two Dreadful Breath pets on one team meant that if things didn’t go nearly perfectly with the damage distribution that some turns of the AoE would be wasted after enemy pets died. No more. Now if an enemy pet is dead the damage is split across the two remaining pets instead of two living and one dead pet. The Droplet Of Y’Shaarj has Acid Rain, which will increase the damage from Dreadful Breath. I use the H/H Scourged Whelpling because it’s very survivable so it can get off many rounds of the AoE. Darkness makes a good finishing move for low hp pets that come off of the back line. I’ve gone away from using my Spirit Crab as much since it took nerf with Snap’s damage being reduced, but it still makes a great sweeper for this team.

The Droplet is not too fast and only has 1400 hp, it doesn’t last for long. Even with the new AoE mechanic Dreadful Breath still needs the weather to be cleansing rain to be really strong.

The Opposing Team:
S/S Wild Crimson Hatchling
S/S Enchanted Broom
B/B Unborn Val’kyr

The Battle:
112014AI started with my Droplet Of Y’Shaarj against the Wild Crimson Hatchling. I held back on Acid Rain because I knew the faster dragon had a weather of its own. I could have taken a gamble and used it on the first turn since I was slower but I decided to play conservatively. I made the wrong call; Scorched Earth was cast on round one. I cast Acid Rain on round two and the got off a few rounds of my AoE before dying. I brought in my Scourged Whelpling then saw the weather get changed again by the dragon. So far things weren’t going well, but I didn’t see any reason to change my plan. I had my beefy crab waiting to clean up if I could get the valk and the broom to low health. The valk was the next enemy pet; it cast CoD, Shadow Shocked twice then Haunted. Dreadful Breath was doing 155 damage to each enemy pet, not great, but better than the 103 it did before the change in mechanics. The broom came in after the Haunt and I knew what was coming: the forced swap of my undead pet to waste its undead round on the back line. No way, I’m too clever, I will anticipate the swap by swapping so that my undead pet is brought right back in. Except I wasn’t clever at all, Sweep wasn’t cast so I looked like a complete idiot for swapping my Scourged Whelpling out to die to a CoD on the back line. Oops, bad call number two. Seems like I would be in a lot of trouble, but no. The broom took significant back line damage from Dreadful Breath so it was easy enough for my crab to finish it off and the valk as well. The crab had almost half of its health by the time the valk had expired.

5 Responses to November 20, 2014

  1. Cheeps says:

    Cheers on that team!

    I tried it and its really really strong.

    Tried to change the spirit crab with the Weebomination and it worked incredibly well for me tho. Just started with the droplet or the whelpling and fought till one of both died (swaps if necesarry from time to time). After one of those 2 died I switched to my Weebomination and healed myself up and swapped to the other pet and did the same thing from the beginning. Awesome.

  2. Discodoggy says:

    Since the buff to Dreadful Breath it’s been doing great. Glad you are getting some wins with it. The Weebomination is an excellent choice as a third pet.

  3. Hoovinit says:

    Been playing around with this team and it’s been a strong team vs a lot of the 5 different pet combos of 3 I see every game is seems. The Spirit Crab has won me every close game thanks to this undead race. The double AoE really takes teams by surprise and the undead crap is icing on the cake. The only teams I’m having trouble with are the ones with the obnoxiously overpowered Ore Eaters -> Shell Armor.

  4. Discodoggy says:

    The Spirit Crab lives on!

    • Sibel from Kazzak says:

      Is the new name for the Daily Battle sections discussable? Battle feels so… standard… and dead. It’s so much more. I’m sure we can brainstorm something much better with the community. Like: Glorious Battles. Bad Battles. Biannual Battles. Bimonthly Battles 😛 Disco’s Battles.

      But perhaps I’ve gotten too used to just clicking on the Daily Battle button to refresh the comments list and I just need to uncondition myself.

      I don’t know, some sort of indicator that stuff is indeed happening here.

      PS. I once posted a daily battle of my own here on the site in the comment section, I think noone even saw it. But you could allow entries from others as well, of course this would leave you with yet another duty to quickly glance over whether the quality is up to par (but I think this isn’t as costly in time, and you can read them whenever you feel like it, as if you’re visiting from someone else, and if you liked the daily, you can post it!)

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