November 2, 2016

Pet Focus: Knight-Captain Murky

Well, I was going to do a pet focus on Knight-Captain Murky, until I played with it for a few times. It appears to be broken. The KCM’s clone attacks an extra time whenever a pet dies. This video is meant to be documentation, not exploitation.

2:00 – Blizz Is Pro
Knight-Captain Murky, Magma Rageling, Graves
vs. Northern Hawk Owl, Iron Starlette, Teroclaw Hatchling

Oh the memories of Murkalot.

6:10 – Murk Son
Knight-Captain Murky, Fel Slame, Son Of Sethe
Pandaren Water Spirit, Sunbourne Val’kyr, Lost Netherpup

I was wondering if an object clearing move will remove the clone.

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