November 2, 2013

Today’s Team: Rotten Rich
H/S Harmonious Porcupette (Scratch, Celestial Blessing, Tranquility)
H/H Spirit Crab (Amplify Magic, Surge, Rot)
H/S Kovok (Poison Fang, Pheromones, Puncture Wounds)

I’ve been using Amplify Magic to support Kovok’s offense. How about some defensive support? Harmonious Porcupette has turned into one of my favorite support pets. Tranquility provides decent healing while Celestial Blessing give a three round shield which halves incoming damage. I’ve found it works really well with pets like Kovok who do a lot of damage but have survivability issues. So what’s my plan of attack? A problem with both pets being used as support pets for Kovok is that it’s diffucult to get Celestial Blessing up on Kovok and have Amplify Magic buffing Pheromones at the same time.

I have two good choices. I can start with the Porcupette for Blessing and Tranquility then Swap to Kovok. I’d then either in for the duration of Celestial Blessing, cast Pheromones as Blessing expires then swap to the Crab for Amplify. I think the better plan would be to start with Kovok, Amplify, then bring in the Porcupette to get the support moves up for Kovok. I’d then bring Kovok back in for a second round of Pheromones if necessary while it’s being healed and shielded. ┬áThis plan has the added benefit of the Crab turning the opposing pet undead with Rot, which will make Scratch a strong attack. Sounds good, I’m going with plan two.

With two pets there to support Kovok I’m putting all my eggs in one basket. I’m going to a lot of trouble to make Pheremones more powerful, will it be worth it?

The Opposing Team:
P/S Rascal-Bot
H/H Lost Of Lordaeron
P/P Bonkers

The Battle:
I’m not that familiar with Rascal-Bot so I’m not sure what my opponent’s plan is. I know it has a strong suicide AoE move in Armageddon and a blind, but that’s about it. I start with Kovok who has to face the Lost of Lordaeron. I apply the Pheromones and it AoEs with Arcane Explosion. Ok, I see the plan now: wear me down with Arcane Explosion then sweep with Armageddon, not bad. Where’s Bonkers fit in? Hmm. I swap to my Crab to Amplify then Rot, the ghost Curses then spams Arcane Explosion. I swap to Porcupette who is able to bring the undead to 0 hp with two Scratches then get the Blessing ready for Kovok on the undead round.

110213ARascal-Bot is next, it uses Lens Flare to blind the Porcupette. The blind didn’t matter since Tranquility was being applied. Now I swap to Kovak and the plan has come to fruition: my Kovok taking 50% less damage and receiving heals. I use another Pheromones to weaken Bonkers then use Poison Fang on Rascal Bot. Next I use Puncture Wound but the first hit doesn’t bring the Rascal-Bot to 0 so most of the second hit is wasted. On that turn the Rascal-Bot used lens Flare Again for the 50% blind effect. At this point I wasn’t quite sure what to do. After some thought I realized that swapping would gain me nothing but a wasted turn, I need to take a chance on taking out the Rascal-Bot. Miss. The Rascal-Bot uses Armageddon which kills Kovok and brings my Spirit Crab down to 2 hp and my Porcupette close to death. Close, but no cigar. One Surge finishes off Bonkers for the win. That was a really close one.

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