November 15, 2013

Today’s Team: Blizzy McTundra
H/P Tundra Penguin (Surge, Slippery Ice, Ice Lance)
B/B Tiny Snowman (Magic Hat, Call Blizzard, Deep Freeze)
P/S Kun-Lai Runt (Takedown, Frost Shock, Deep Freeze)
Going back to a very old team just for the hell of it.

This is one of my two Blizzard/Deep Freeze teams that I used to play. I doubt it’ll be competitive in this current meta, but who knows? Maybe it’ll catch someone off guard. The plan is to get the weather Blizzard up right away then use the two Deep Freezes to stun opponents. The Penguin is there because Ice Lance will benefit from Blizzard by hitting a second attack and also for Slippery Ice which gives an accuracy debuff.

This is an outdated strategy, just stunning an opponent for a few rounds isn’t generally enough to get a win these days. This team is very slow. My whole strategy is based around Deep Freeze, which hits at 85% accuracy. It’s painful to see it miss, which isn’t all that rare.

The Opponent:
P/P Murkalot
P/P Blackfuse Bomlbling
H/S Kovok

The Battle:
111413ALOL! This result was truly hilarious! I totally expected to get facerolled by one of the most powerful teams around. I didn’t. I started off with my Snowman versus Kovok. Kovok used Phromones and the Snowman used Call Blizzard. My opponent swapped to Murkalot who took a Deep Freeze on the swap. Ok, that at least bought me a round. I used that free round to swap to my KLR. I then made two mistakes in a row. The Murkalot had Resilience on him so I was afraid to use the KLR’s Deep Freeze. If the opposing player wanted to juke me they could just keep the Murkalot in to utilize the Resilience. I used Frost Shock while Murkalot RI’d, making the Frost Shock apply to the BFB. Now that the BFB had RI it was faster than my Runt.

111413CThen I made my second mistake. It was pretty obvious that the Armageddon was coming this round, but somehow I head gamed myself into thinking it wasn’t. I used Deep Freeze, but the Armageddon came, killing the BFB and wasting my CD. Armageddon did a total of 1932 damage. The only reason it wasn’t 2000+ is because it was weak against my Snowman. I wasted my CD, I just got hit for close to 2k damage, so many people on my meta would have run at this point. I thought there still might be a chance to win so I decide to stick it out. Kovok replaced the BFB to Poison my KLR and receive a Frost Shock. I use Takedown while Kovok casts Pheromones. The KLR dies to a Poison tick so I bring in my Snowman. The Snowman Freezes Kovok, my opponent swaps to Murkalot who takes a Call Blizzard on the swap. My opponent RI’s right back to Kovok, but Kovok dies from a Magic Hat before getting to utilize the buff. The Snowman then damages Murkalot with a Magic Hat, Murkalot shielded but had it immediately broken by another Magic Hat. A final Deep Freeze finished off this fotm team.

I wish I could say that I was a master strategist and planned this all along, but it was really more of an “I feel like trying something different” team that turned out to do well. I’ll definitely be keeping Blizzard/Deep Freeze teams in the back of mind after this.

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