November 14, 2014

Today’s Team: Straight Sporin’
H/B Waterfly (Barbed Stinger, Puncture Wound, Dodge)
S/S Prairie Mouse (Flurry, Poison Fang, Survival)
S/S Sporeling Sprout (Jab, Leech Seed, Crouch)

This wasn’t my first choice for the daily but I’m stuck with this team somehow. When I choose other teams I still end up queueing with these pets, which means I’m doing the daily with this sub-par team. Ahh, the kinks of a new xpac. This team is based around trying to use Puncture Wound while the enemy pet is poisoned. The Waterfly has some self synergy with Barbed Stinger and Puncture Wound. Barbed Stinger only has a 20% chance to proc poison, except the poison only lasts for one round. That’s where the mouse comes in, to provide some extra poison. It also has Flurry for the annoying Decoys that are popping up everywhere. I brought on the Sporeling Sprout for some tanking power. I initially tried a 289 speed P/S breed but it turned out to be slower than too many pets so I’m going with the S/S now. That extra round of Crouch and getting off your seed first can make a big difference. I’ll probably start with the mouse and then bring in the fly to benefit from the poison. So far I’d say these pets have gone about 3-6, they’re not exactly the cream of the crop.

The Opposing Team:
P/S Shrine Fly
B/B Softshell Sapling
B/B Malayan Quillrat Pup

The Battle:
111414AWhen you bring a level 23, 24 and 25 pet team to the queue they better be good pets. These weren’t, although I am a fan of the Shrine Fly. I like it but it was far from enough to carry its team mates. I didn’t even need to use the mouse. The Sporeling Sprout did a fine job of tanking, Crouch plus Leech Seed makes this little mushroom guy hard to take down. I like to take a hit, then throw a seed, then cast Crouch. This allows the Sporeling Sprout to get the double heal without attacking (racial plus seed DoT) on the turn Crouch is used. Of course, sometimes it’s better to Crouch first if you’re going to take a big hit. No big hits were taken in this battle. My Waterfly procced a poison at one point so the Puncture Wound was able to hit twice. I’m reaching here, there’s not much to report about this easy battle against a lower level team. The Frostwolf Ghostpup is my next arch solve so I think I’ll get back to that.

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