November 14, 2013

Today’s Team: Triple Dipping
H/H Spirit Crab (Snap, Surge, Shell Shield)
H/P Blighthawk (Infected Claw, Ghostly Bite, Cyclone)
H/H Blighthawk (Slicing Winds, Consume Corpse, Cyclone)

I’ve seen the power of Cyclone the past few days with anti-Murkalot teams. Not only does it break blocks but the damage done adds up pretty fast. The plan is to start with the power Blighthawk to put a Cyclone and use Ghostly Bite, swap to the Crab to tank and do some damage, then finish off with the health Blighthawk. I’m using Surge instead of the usual Whirlpool because of so many blocks around these days and also as a defensive move (it stops the extra attack from speed based attacks).

I don’t like either of the spammable attacks in the Blighthawks’ first slot. Slicing winds is a 100-66-33 move and Infected Claw has only 85% accuracy.

The Opponent:
H/P Lil’ XT
P/P Sunreaver Microsentry
P/P Warbot
Three mech versus three undead. Interesting.

The Battle:
111413AI started with the power Blighthawk and threw out the Cyclone against the Sunreaver. It couldn’t help itself and turned the weather to Lightning. Thanks, buddy. The Sunreaver Fel Immolated and put up Extra Plating so I decided to wait until the Plating ended before I use Ghostly Bite. I ended up keeping the power Blighthawk in until it died. It saw my opponent swap to the Warbot who put down a Minefield. I ate the Minefield with the health Blighthawk so I could heal with Consume Corpse. I did just that, then put up another Cyclone and killed off the Warbot. My opponent didn’t learn from the first Lightning and used it again after brining in the Sunreaver, this time I brought in the Crab to shield against the weather. After the Crab took out the Sunreaver then Lil’ XT entered the battle with only 640 hp from all of the Cyclone and Lightning hits. My opponent ran.

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