November 13, 2013

Today’s Team: AK 6
H/P Tiny Bog Beast (Clobber, Leap, Rampage)
H/H Unborn Val’kyr (Shadow Slash, Curse Of Doom, Haunt)
H/H Magical Crawdad (Surge, Shell Shield, Wish)
More anti-Kovok shenanigans.

Avoid Pheromones damage by Haunting and leaving the Crawdad on the back line (I’m saying the same thing every day so it’s getting more terse lol). The Tiny Bog Beast is included in case I run into a Murkalot. At 260 speed the Bog Beast is faster than Murkalot so it can Clobber him before he gets of a Shieldstorm. If Murkalot RIs first then that’s even better, the buffed pet will lose its attack due to the stun. Then on the free turn the Beast can start the Rampage. It’s not as good of anti-Murkalot as the Twister due to no Cyclone but it can still slighty foil Murkalot’s plans. Clobber is such a cool word, I need to start using more outside of pet battles.

Getting locked into a three round move like Rampage is always risky in PvP.

The Opposing Team:
H/P Kovok
S/S Crow
H/H Creepy Crate
A Kovok team, that’s odd!

The Battle:
111313AAs the scripted opening dance usually goes Kovok applied Pheromones and the Val’kyr Haunted. I brought in the Bog Beast on the free swap. I used Leap, Clobber then Rampage which was enough to take out Kovok. Not only did I lessen the Pheromones but I won the one on one match up. Well, one and a half since the Val’kyr was haunting. The Creepy Crate came in and won the coin flip (both pets are 260 speed). It Bonestormed the life out of the Bog Beast and did some damage to the two back line pets. I brought in the Crawdad. There’s no way I would survive the Crow versus Crawdad matchup so I had to use my Crawdad to take out the Crate. I was hoping to get a Wish in since I anticipated my opponent swapping, but the swap never came. That set up my opponent to swap me out with Death Grip which wasted most of the Wish on the near full health Val’kyr. I immediately swapped back to the Crawdad so my opponent swapped to the Crow. I went right back to the Val’kyr. The Val’kyr Cursed and then spammed Shadow Slash against the Crow. I wasn’t sure a Curse was needed but it’s what ended up killing the Crow on the Val’kyrs undead turn. Now it was an 883 hp Crawdad against an 1553 hp Crate. My opponent knew it couldn’t take me out with weak undead attacks before I got off the next Wish so they ran away. It saved us both some time.

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