November 12, 2013

Today’s Team: AK 5
H/S Tiny Twister (Slicing Winds, Bash, Cyclone)
H/H Unborn Val’kyr (Surge, Shell Shield , Wish)
H/H Magical Crawdad (Shadow Slash, Curse Of Doom, Haunt)

Just like yesterday this is a team designed to counter Kovok’s Pheromones in two ways: having one less pet on the back line while the Val’kyr is Haunting and leaving the Crawdad on the back line to take less damage thanks to the aquatic racial. The Twister is here for it’s anti-Murkalot capabilities. It’s faster than Murkalot so it can Bash him on the first round. If the Murkalot uses RI then the buffed pet will be stunned. If it doesn’t then oh well, at least I slowed him down a bit. The Cyclone will take down the shields from Shieldstorm.

This team is made to specifically counter a few common pets, how will it fare against pets other than those? I’m not a big fan of 100-66-33% moves like Slicing Winds.

The Opposing Team:
H/H Anubisath Idol
P/s Scorpid
P/P Lil’ Ragnaros
No Kovoks to test my team against, how will it do against other teams?

The Battle:
111213AThe Val’kyr started off by Haunting the Idol. I brought the Twister in to Bash the Idol then used the free turn to get off a Cyclone. It wasn’t very effective due to the Sandstorm which came next, but it chipped away a little here and a little there. My opponent brought in the Scorpid so I switched to my Crawdad. The Rampage from the Scorpid was easy enough to heal through with Wish so my Crawdad easily took it down. After Ragnaros came in the crazy damage from Conflagrate brought the Crawdad down to 26 hp while waiting for a Wish. The 900+ heal saved my Crawdad which allowed it to take down a lot of elemental hp with Surges. The Val’kyr finished off Ragnaros, a Bash and some Slicing Winds was all it took to finish off the Idol. An easy win.

3 Responses to November 12, 2013

  1. Wally says:

    I actually have all these pets and breeds. How’s this one working out for you? I can’t seem to get my hands on a Spineclaw so I’m limited with some of your newer teams.

    • Discodoggy says:

      This team has been winning a lot. So much that I’m starting to see a lot more Darkness and Sandstorm today. Both of those give this team a lot of trouble. Other than that it’s going really well. Sometimes Slicing Winds can be annoying when it only hits once.

  2. Luthorien says:

    Hey Disco, question about the Twister. Does Slicing Wind really come out better than Wild Winds here? I’m just wondering, and since you’ve beaten an Idol with SW, perhaps it is the better choice, heh.

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