May 8, 2014

Note: remember when queueing between 10-11 pm EST to name your leading pet after the realm you are queueing from as part of our ongoing experiment.
Another note: time constraints are keeping me from finish yesterday’s focus on the Tiny Twister. I’ll get back to it when can do it right.

Today’s Team: Hopping Soaked
P/P Droplet Of Y’Shaarj (Corrosion, Acid Rain, Dreadful Breath)
H/H Scourged Whelpling (Tail Sweep, Call Darkness, Dreadful Breath)
S/S Hopling (Crush, Poison Lash, Dreadful Breath)

As I’ve mentioned a few times before I haven’t had much luck with Hopling. When Josh mentioned his Hopping Soaked team on 3/21/14 I decided to give it a try myself. I like Hopling as a third member for the Droplet Of YShaarj and Scourged Whelpling team because it provides some flexibility to the otherwise rigid Dreadful Breath strategy. It can either continue to AoE if necessary or it can use its decent single target attacks if thats what the battle calls for.

Crush is an 80% accuracy move. I’m not too comfortable with that.

The Opposing Team:
H/S Garden Moth
P/B Nether Fairie Dragon
P/P Twilight Fiendling

The Battle:
050814AThat was easy and unexciting. One thing that I’ve noticed about Dreadful Breath teams is that when the starting opposing pet has avoids or blocks the back line pets often don’t even make it out. That’s exactly what happened here. The moth started out by using Cocoon Strike. My Droplet Of Y’Shaarj cast Acid Rain. Next round I was tempted to cast Corrosion because of that juicy green arrow (indicating strong damage) but that wouldn’t have been good for my AoE strategy. So I stuck to plan and watched the incoming Most Dust hit but not proc sleep. In fact, all three Moth Dusts used during the duration of the battle hit but none procced sleep. Now the boring onslaught of Dreadful Breath was in effect. The Droplet Of Y’Shaarj got off three rounds of Dreadful Breath then the Scourged Whelpling got off seven. The NFD died on the Scourged Whelpling’s third round and the Twilight Fiendling died on the seventh, all while the moth was not putting my pets to sleep and wrapping itself in a cocoon. When my Hopling replaced the expired Scourged Whelpling the Garden Moth had 286 hp left. Two Poison Lashes finished the job.

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