May 6, 2014

Just a reminder: when you are queueing tonight from 10-11p.m. EST remember to name your first pet after the realm you are queueing from.

Today’s Team: Nerfenstien
S/S Phoenix Hatchling (Peck, Immolate, Conflagrate)
S/S Golden Dragonhawk Hatchling (Quills, Conflagrate, Flamethrower)
P/P Harbinger Of Flame (Jab, Immolate, Conflagrate)

I felt like using my old FFF killing Conflagrate team. Back then I used the 357 speed dragonhawk instead of this 309 speed one, but it’s basically the same team. Conflagrate will hit a second time when the target is burning so the plan is to get pets burning with Immolate and Flamethrower then hit em’ with Conflagrate.

Since the nerf in 5.2 Conflagrate has been an underwhelming move. There’s a reason that you don’t see Conflagrate teams anymore. I didn’t really try to come up with a great team here, I went more for nostalgia.

The Opposing Team:
P/S Fiendish Imp
P/S Death Adder hatchling
S/S Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling
Well whaddya know? It’s Mr. Slow.

The Battle:
050614ADamn this can be an annoying team to face if you are slower than these pets. Luckily for me I wasn’t. My Phoenix Hatchling and Golden Dragonhawk were both faster than the DAH and the Fiendish Imp. I started with the dragonhawk and cast Flamethrower before getting forced out by the imp. My Phoenix Hatchling came in and used Conflagrate for some decent damage. The Death Adder Hatchling came in to take out the Phoenix Hatchling, but by the time it accomplished this task it was down to 28 hp. The 325 speed of the elemental certainly helped. Quills from the dragonhawk finished off the snake. The Fiendish Imp came back to die in a few rounds to the faster dragonhawk. The mech dragon was the last of my opponent’s pets. It was a 309 speed match-up that the mech dragon won, but it had to use its Decoy and it was burning when my final pet came in. Let’s see, a burning mech against a 325 power Conflagrate. It ended as you would expect, the first Conflagrate brought the mech dragon to 0 hp, the second finished it off.

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