May 4, 2014

Today’s Team: Batter Not
P/P Sen’Jin Fetish (Flame Breath, Wild Magic, Sear Magic)
S/S Robo-Chick (Batter, Overtune, Wind-Up)
H/S Tiny Twister (Wild Winds, Bash, Call Lightning)

With the extra damage added onto attacks by lightning it’s easy to forget about its other benefit, the 10% buff to mechanical moves. That’s why the Robo-Chick is on this lightning team, so it can get the 10% buff to its mech moves. It also has a multi-attack in Batter that will benefit from multiple lightning strikes each round. The Tiny Twister is obviously included to cast Call Lightning and to Bash slower pets. The Sen’Jin Fetish provides a DoT and and Wild Magic, which can be a brutal combination in lightning.

While there’s some nice synergy here I don’t feel that any of my three pets are top-flight, with perhaps the exception of the Sen’Jin Fetish. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a decent team, but I just don’t have that security that a Spirit Crab or Warbot would provide.

The Opposing Team:
P/B Direhorn Runt
H/P Direhorn Runt
H/H Direhorn Runt
Variety schmariety.

The Battle:
050414ARng was so mean. Not to me, to my opponent. Even though there were three Direhorns, Horn Attack only interrupted once. It also missed once, and there were two missed Trihorn Charges. That’s some bad luck buddy. I started with the Sen’Jin Fetish. It had to face the P/B Direhorn Runt. No interrupts meant that the voodoo mask was able to easily take out the first with a Flame Breath, Wild Magic then more Flame Breaths. The mask was able to get the DoT going on the second runt after the only interrupt landed. My Robo-Chick was next. Wind-Up, release and Overtune meant a second dead runt. I had to use Overtune because all my pets were slowed from Primal Cry. The final beast came in and this time all I did was Batter and Overtune when necessary. The misses allowed my Robo-Chick to survive the battle. So much for this being a lightning team.

3 Responses to May 4, 2014

  1. Luthorien says:

    That Tri-Direhorn team seems like one of those teams that jerk Ellienita would employ, lol. Not withstanding, that seems like a sweet team to run, Disco. :) I may have to try it on this weekend.

  2. Jan Kleemann says:

    I have also some success with the Twister+Fetish Combo. Really good against Val’kyrs. Currently i use Lil Bling as third pet. Make it Rain + Extra Plating == :-)
    I think it depends if you need the speed boost from Overtune (Birds, DAH, etc.) or not.

    • Discodoggy says:

      I haven’t used Lil’ Bling much, but it’s a pet that I respect when I see it on the other team. This seems like a good fit, I’m going to give it a try.

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