May 28, 2014

Today’s Team: Contwerkulate
H/P Blackfuse Bombling (Zap, Flame Jet, Armageddon)
S/S Red Dragonhawk Hatchling (Quills, Conflagrate, Flamethrower)
H/H Fel Flame (Flame Breath, Scorched Earth, Conflagrate)

I wanted to build a conflag team around the BFB’s Flame Jet, but the field effect doesn’t seem to proc much (I don’t have a % on the proc). It has turned out to be a fun team nevertheless. I’ve been starting with the BFB to Zap and Flame Jet until it’s Armageddon time. From there either of the two conflag pets can come in, hopefully the enemy pet will be burning. If not, both pets have the means to get the burning effect going. I chose the S/S Red Dragonhawk so it will be faster than mech dragons. If I wanted to be faster than adders I would have to go with the S/S Silver Dragonhawk, but for now I’m going with the extra attack of the red. So far this team is 11-6 so I wouldn’t consider it too competitive.

I want to start with the BFB and everyone knows it. If they have any anti-mech they will usually start with that. Conflagrate has not been good to me. I’ve missed a few at key times that have resulted in losses. PAR is showing it hitting at 90.2% with an expected hit rate of 94.8, but the sample size is only 51. I hope it’ll tend towards 95% as I use it more.

The Opposing Team:
P/B Crow
P/P Nexus Whelpling
P/B Nexus Whelpling

The Battle:
052814AThis was a fast one. I was hoping to weak counter the magic damage with my mech but my opponent anticipated my move and started with the Crow. I cast Flame Jet after the Crow cast Call Darkness. I swapped to my elemental to reduce the chances of Nocturnal Strike. The plan worked, the Crow’s main attack missed. The first dragon came in to a Flame Breath. It cast Arcane Storm but my Fel Flame immediately changed the weather by casting Scorched Earth. The elemental cast Conflagrate then I swapped to the BFB since I knew the Mana Surges were coming. It took as many Mana Surges as it could before casting Armageddon (finishing one dragon in the process). The dragonhawk easily finished off this ten round quickie.

2 Responses to May 28, 2014

  1. Jan Kleemann says:

    Yes, it is a fun team. I’ve got some nice wins, conflag *boom* ^^

    • Discodoggy says:

      I’ve been using the Fel Flame a lot this past 100 battles. It’s a fun pet that I forgot about for a long time.

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