May 14, 2014

Five Wins Or Bust

Battle 1: Kleemann’s Krushers
Lil’ Bling, Sen’Jin Fetish, Tiny Twister
vs. Skywisp Moth, Bonkers, Lucky Quillen Cub

051414ATwo 25% stun moves on one team. Thankfully they didn’t proc. Without the lucky stuns this team wasn’t too hard to deal with; I was able to take it out without even using the Tiny Twister. Lil’ Bling has been totally over-performing on this team. Since I reset my data the gem-studded mech has only lost one time, and that was from me being dumb and not casting Extra Plating when I should have. I can’t believe I gave up on using Lil” Bling so soon after it was introduced. I wonder what other pets I’ve prematurely dismissed?
Record: 1-0

Battle 2: The Rapture
Zandalari Anklerender, Cogblade Raptor, Scourged Whelpling
vs. Fungal Moth, Peddlefeet, Crow

051414BI can sometimes tell when a battle is close because I forget about taking a screenshot. Peddlefeet was scary with Rapid Fire against my two low hp raptors. I started with my Scourged Whelpling anyways and Peddlefeet did indeed take a toll on my back line. After getting Death and Decay plus Plagued Blood up on the humanoid (and getting stunned) I swapped to the Zandalari Anklerender. It took out Peddlefeet then swapped back to the Scourged Whelpling. The Crow killed my undead dragon then the mech raptor came in to see Overtune save it from a lot of Alpha Strike damage due to no second strikes. The beast raptor was able to finish off the Crow then take out the moth too thanks to Death And Decay still being down. It was very close, but I did at least get a final shot of the dead moth.
Record: 2-0

Battle 3: Snap Drizzle Rip
Lifelike Toad, Spirit Crab, Snarly
vs. Kirin Tor Familiar, Eternal Strider, Spirit Of Competition

051414CI spammed Frog Kiss for nine rounds and took out both the Kirin Tor Familiar and the Eternal Strider. I was trying to see if Frog Kiss could proc in Arcane Winds. I would think so because it’s not a stun or a root, but one never knows with pet battles. It didn’t proc in nine attempts but the ramp-up aspect made it hit for some decent damage. Snarly easily cleaned up the Spirit Of Competition.
Record: 3-0

Battle 4: Ghostlands Gladiators
Spirit Crab, Toad, Rat
vs. Death Adder Hatchling, Zandalari Kneebiter, Tiny Snowman

This was an annoying battle because I thought the Spirit Crab would do a decent job against the Death Adder Hatchling. Unfortunately, it missed a Snap, which meant that it was only able to hit one out of the four first turns. Due to this my undead crab wasn’t able to kill the snake. Also, Primal Cry caused problems for the speedy Rat. I really should have worked harder to force the Rat against the Snowman but I didn’t. Oh well.
Record: 3-1

Battle 5: All Buzz Cons
Warbot, Fledgling Buzzard, Fiendish Imp
vs. Infected Squirrel, Z Raptor, Clockwork Gnome

For a time I was calling the Warbot the winbot, but now it should be called the revengebot. I usually only pull it out when I want some quick revenge or the meta is really hairy. This was a case or revenge but I didn’t get the opportunity. This opponent made it hard to win; I had to count on a Lift-Off hitting which is always scary. I was captain obvious with my swaps, but it made no difference.
Record: 4-1

Battle 6: Acorn Berserkers
Grizzly Squirrel, Rabid Nut Varmint 5000, Infected Squirrel
vs. Unborn Val’kyr, Lil’ Ragnaros, Celestial Dragon

I started with the Grizzly Squirrel versus the Unborn Val’kyr. My opponent didn’t like the match-up so they swapped to Lil’ Ragnaros. They must have realized that this was also a bad match-up because they ran away. No gumption. What a bad night for screenshots.
Record: 5-1

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  1. rhonstifor says:

    Battle 5 was me. That was a good match. Your thrashes only hit twice at the end which gave me a bit of hope, but I think your team was too strong against me. This team did pull out several very exciting seemingly come from behind victories against meta power house teams tonight. I only lost to your team and one other in about 15 games or so.

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