March 31, 2015

Pet Focus: Rascal-Bot
Sibel suggested this pet a few days ago, since then I’ve been using it here and there and it’s been doing well enough. It’s always a risk running a mid-tier pet, sometimes you’re just going to get spanked by the big boys. What moves shall I use?

Slot 1: Plot Twist or Phaser
Plot Twist is a multiple attack that isn’t dependent upon speed; it always hits three times. Phaser is a more standard single attack with a variable range. For me this is the only hard choice. I see both as being useful. I plan on using the Rascal-Bot with some lightning and some Wild Magic, so I’ll probably use Plot Twist more often. My choice will also depend on what attack its team mates have.

Slot 2: Amber Prison or Lens Flare
Amber Prison is a stun, Lens Flare does a small amount of damage and applies a 50% blind. I love a stun on a reasonably fast pet. I dislike 50% anything, I like to know what’s going to happen. Unless I’m running a team with some darkness or blinded synergy I cant see myself ever taking Lens Flare. 289 speed isn’t that fast so Amber Prison will be risky though.

Slot 3: Armageddon or Reboot
This is where the Rascal-Bot has problems. Multi-turn heals like Reboot lead to losses more often than not. Armageddon is most useful when all enemy pets are alive, but I don’t always plan on using the Rascal-Bot as a starter. Still, I think that Armageddon is a better choice than Reboot. I’ve been able to surprise a few people with it by taking out low health pets that have been back lined.

Rascal Bot comes in two breeds:

P/B 1465/289/273 health/power/speed
S/B 1465/273/289 health/power/speed

Since I plan on using Amber Prison I want the extra speed, so the S/B is the obvious choice.

Battle 1: Clean Rascals
Rascal-Bot, Tol-vir Scarab, Macabre Marionette
vs. Weebomination, Fragment Of Anger, Lil’ Bling
033115Woo-hoo, what a great way to start, beating a top and high-tier pet and a pet that will most likely end up as one (FoA). I started with the Rascal-Bot, praying that Lil’ Bling wouldn’t start. Instead it was the Weebomination. A stun then some polar bears started off the damage. The blob used Cleave a few times then force swapped in the Macabre Marionette. The bones fell favorably from Bone Barrage, taking out a lot of the 1806 health. I brought the beetle in after. The beetle was very useful by being immune to the fragment’s stun and also for Swarm. My opponent was smart and swapped out the fragment for Lil’ Bling after the beetle cast Hiss, but Swarm set up the debuff for the Macabre Marionette. More bone pain took out Lil’ Bling fast, then the Rascal-Bot cleaned up.

…something came up and I had to cut it short, I’ll have to finish later with the Rascal-Bot. I’ll be out of town for a few days so expect the dailies to return on Saturday.

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  1. Sibel from Kazzak says:

    I’m not as good but here goes:

    The Quick One

    H/B Hydraling; Tail Slap, Call Lightning, Shell Armor
    S/S Lil’ Bling; Inflation, Extra Plating, Make It Rain
    P/S Chi-Chi; Fire Quills, Wild Magic, Feign Death
    vs. Onyxian Whelpling (deep breath, healing flame, and breath), Mini Mindslayer (mana surge, amplify magic, interrupting gaze), and a Bone Serpent (bone barrage, call darkness, nocturnal strike)

    I’ve been playing this team successfully quite a bit already, I don’t feel it’s near my top teams, but it has some good match-ups. When you don’t know what you’ll be up against, you can usually favorable start with Chi-Chi, who is even faster than most birds, and can Feign into your Hydraling whenever you feel like it. The Hydraling itself is not a bad choice either at its 273 speed, allowing you to armor up if you suspect a slower pet on the other side.

    None of his pets were especially fast, so I figured I could get away with the Hydraling, who consequently had to have a showdown with the Bone Serpent. I wasn’t particularly afraid since my opponent chose to run a P/S variety, which was slower than my Hydraling. I confidently armored up, which would have absorbed his bone barrage. She decided to Noctural Strike however, which missed. Mistakes were made on both sides, if that had hit… ouch! (but it will win her the draw in the end, darned luck).

    A bone barrage followed, clearly this person is pretty fresh. I didn’t dare to call down lightning in fear of barrage hitting further pets and it generally being not too favorable for me. The hydraling bit down a few times and swapped out before the nocturnal strike was definitely going to ruin my day. Hello Blingtron! After I put up defense and made it rain, Inflation was putting up the Shattered Defenses debuff. Strangely she didn’t make the Bone Serpent sit out the entire stampede move and instead swapped in the Whelpling, who now got debuffed as well. Blingtron managed to put on extra plating again before she could finish her deep breath and almost made quick work of her (healing flame isn’t so effective when you’re being stampeded). Except that a breath critted and it was goodbye blingtron. Chi-Chi finished her. In came the Mini-Mindslayer.

    Rather than facing strong damage from the mindslayer, I feigned into the hydraling, whose shell armor stopped most of the mana surge’s damage, and more or less just killed the mindslayer.

    In came the bone serpent again. Now I made a little mistake here, darkness was up and next round nocturnal strike would be again as well, and I failed to clear it right away. Because I was faster I could clear it the round after though, but the Nocturnal strike hit anyway in her undead round and turned the game into a draw.

    I am beginning to notice how often I do not get to use wild magic. Or Call Lightning.

  2. Sibel from Kazzak says:

    So I’m running this ‘fun’-comp with Fragment of Anger and Pandaren Water Spirit and Pandaren Earth Spirit (I didn’t have a third spirit leveled, haha).

    I’m up against a Unborn Valkyr, Magical Crawdad and a Lil’ Blingtron, a pretty cutthroat team.

    Sooo, I start with my Fragment, figuring he’ll start with that stupid Valkyr, which he did. Spiritfire beam (he does Curse of Doom). Soulrush, soulrush stun procs 😛 Seethe x2. Second Seethe CRITS! Valkyr dies, he had gone with Haunt haha, he loses the Haunt (because Blizzard doesn’t like accurate tooltips), andddddd


    I laughed so hard. Too bad I didn’t get experience for this well-deserved win. Haha 😛

  3. Vek says:

    I used Rascal-Bot quite a lot back when you would only see DAH/Valks and quite a lot of darkness birds, so this was before DAH/Valk nerfs.

    I only got the P/B version, but that didn’t matter much against the above named pets but 273 speed was annoyingly slow sometimes.

    Plot Twist hits through Blind and makes short work of Decoys.
    Phaser on the other hand really destroys birds quickly. The problem was that it was not a 100% hit ability and this was even lower in Darkness. So while not ideal, barring misses it was good enough against the birds.
    I always ran with Armageddon. It was pretty sweet to be able to do 500 dmg to back line DAH/direhorns.

    Since the nerfs to DAH/Valk I have not used this pet at all and I probably won’t come back to it either, sadly.

    • Vek says:

      Good times when you anticipated the Haunt by using Armageddon. This killed the Valk and damaged the back line DAH.

  4. Liwei says:

    I don’t think the Rascal Bot really synergises with anything at all. As a standalone pet it doesn’t seem terribly impressive either.

    It’s a pity because it has some neat moves. I just don’t think they really mesh with it. Lens Flare could let you get off a Reboot maybe, but your basic ability doesn’t exactly hit hard. It doesn’t have a lot of power to make Armageddon a big threat either.

  5. Sternish says:

    Flipping through some older posts I came across this one and decided to try something similar, just for the fun of it. Instead of the Tol’vir Scarab I used a Wretched Servant and it actually did pretty well. Wild Magic helped the overall cause and Consume kept him in there for a while.

    Got a few interesting wins. Good times =)

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